1st grow - CFLs, 1 Vertigo Automatic, 2 "purple dwarfs"

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  1. I have two daylight CFL's each at 26/100equiv, a 55/200equiv with 3860 lumens, and I'm not sure what the other is, I think a 150 equivalent that also has a warm light appearance. Right now I'm doing enough research to get by, and as of this moment I would say that my two 4 week old plants are doing well! I used a lot of store bought soils and plant food, which I know is a no-no, but I'm dealing with a pretty tight budget, thus the decision to start growing my own in the first place. I don't know if I have enough lights to grow all three, but my two "purple dwarfs" are into their 4th week now and i'll be sexing them soon hopefully.

    I will be adding two of these to my grow in the next few days! Amazon.com: KAEZI 85 Watt Studio Light Bulb 5500K CFL Day Light: Home Improvement

    I have a VERY casual setup in my closet which is pictured below.

    I got the vertigo automatic seeds from the single seed centre, the seed didnt look like my definition of a big healthy seed but it germinated quickly and is already starting to pop out of the soil, less than 24 hours after putting her into it.

    The "purple dwarfs" came from an old retired college professor of mine (has several degrees, very smart man about growing) who crossed one of his "regular outdoor" plants with an autoflowering strain (came from a disp in cali, he doesn't remember what it was) and the end result (over several outdoor growing seasons) are these purple dwarfs, that produce very potent buds. I've had 5-6 strains of higher up medical stuff from friends in california, and this stuff I would rank higher than that. I've smoked both varieties that he grows, and both are the best I've had. I've never had anything hit me as hard as his stuff does, and its very very couchlock, but I like it. I like to come home from work and relax in the evening, and what better way to unwind? :smoke: As far as what the purple dwarfs actually are, I've heard him say something about northern lights before, so it might have been an automatic northern lights, but I'm very very excited for this stuff! And I have plenty of seeds to go on for a long while.

    First two pics are purple dwarf #1, a little bigger than dwarf #2. I posted a few weeks ago because this plant stretched out and fell, and everyone said it was one of the worst cases of stretching for light that they've ever seen, but now it's fully recovered and has a thick stem.



    This 3rd picture is dwarf #2, who was already super purple as soon as (hopefully)she popped up, and remained that way for a week or two! The stem is going off diagionally haha, and is kind of leaning one direction, but is strong and probably just needs me to straiten it up a bit when i put it into a new pot (have it ready, will do that in the next few days)

    And here is my grow closet! It's small, I keep a box fan blowing in through a 3 inch crack haha, I know that doesn't sound very professional, but the plants don't look too bad, do they!?


    That's the baby vertigo automatic I have in the small pot, it's just now popping up!

    I know my setup isn't very pretty, it's going to change when I get my two new bulbs in.

    I'll probably keep this updated daily. Thanks everyone! Any feedback or suggestions will be appreciated. I'm just looking to produce enough bud for myself and the occasional maybe once a week session with a friend. Let me know what you think!!
  2. [​IMG]

    Dwarf #1 after being stretched really really bad.. and is now my strongest plant!

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