1st Grow ( CFL) results

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sensicloud, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. i planted two seeds from a bad of some good middies, heavier on the indica side i think and ended up having to throw one out. i had 2 46w soft white cfl's and 1 23w cool white during flowering and same wattage and light during veg but opposite colors. (soft white switched with cool).the plant was in the closet in my room where the humidity was a surprisingly low 42%. i used no fan whatsoever. i put the lights pretty close to the plants though.. always under 2''. flowering time was 64 days, and veg. was 37 days, she was about 13'' tall when i started 12-12. i fed with miracle grow tomato plant food and my medium was some used outdoor soil mixed with potting soil. i watered by doing daily checks. drying is over and the final weigh in is 48.2 G. i smoked it and it was waayyyyy better than the bag i got it from and better than the so-called "kush" that is nearby for 55 an eighth. i am very proud of myself
  2. nice job i hope to someday have a mediocre closet grow myself
  3. :hello: Good job bro
  4. We need pics Sensi, pics to make us drool!!! And congrats!:hello:
  5. god, i've been getting weed in WA for 55 an eighth too. can't wait for my harvest!!!
  6. i have a camera on my cell phone lol but i dont even know how to get them from the phone to here...i wish i could if someone could help cuz it looks wonderful and its pretty dense, not like all stringy and tiny like others have said they got from CFL

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