1ST Grow - CFL + HPS (Skunk Hybrids)

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    Hi everyone, yes this is my first time, I am new to growing "hard weed" :D I decided for practice to use some seeds I got from some dank smoke which I always purchase, so I have some variety at hand. All of em, are some kind of skunk / hybrid, with the exception of one Indica which is still seedling. I am going with CFL's to veg and HPS to flower, from everything I have read this is the best way to get the best results. I am 3weeks into my grow now so I will update with pics as I go along.

    For soil I used:

    1) pro mix
    2) river soil
    3) bat guano
    4) sand

    For lighting:

    1) 12 23Watt CFL for vegging, with over 18,000 lumens or 276Watts
    2) 1 x 400Watt HPS for flowering (should be here soon) with 50,000 lumens.

    4ft x 3ft x 4ft

    For airflow:

    1) One huge 25" Fan intake
    2) One PC FAN 4x4" output

    Things Still to get:
    1) Timer
    2) ph test kit.
    3) Reflector for HPS
    4) Microscope

    anyone with a link for some good ones with nice prices, please post.

    I plan on vegging for 5-6 weeks then straight to flowering. My oldest right now are 28days, 21days and 24days. I hope they are all female, after all I think we all feel that way when we have seedlings coming up.:D

    Here are some pics just starting out: Pic 1 is my oldest and so on, the 5th is a pic of a clone I took from a tree from a friend of mine who had a sativa-hybrid, no sure what strain.

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    Well here they are after week one of Vegging under cfls. I transplanted them to bigger containers, so far just water, no nutes. :smoke:

    The eldest plant is 15days in the 1st pic , the jamaican skunk is 7days(you can see how big and wide his leaves are 3rd pic), the other hybrid in the clear container is 10days(2nd pic from first post), the one in the green container(2nd pic) is 9 days old and I have a clone(4th pic) there that is about 1 week old. 2 of my skunk haze seedlings are about 4 and 8 days old(last pic).

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  4. Looking good my friend. I can remember 2 weeks in (a month ago) and thinking the same thing lol. I hope you get all females too and will be watchin ur grow. Check out my grown in my link. Im 6 weeks into vegging and am gonna flower soon. Go to ur local hardware store for the timer/pH testing stuff. I just got a 20$ timer. Make sure it can handle the amount of watts running through it. Most are liek 1200 watts but if you need more you can buy the outdoor version (1500-2000 watts) for like 5$ more. The pH equiptment I used was just the drops where u test the runoff water. Its like 100 tests for 7$ and as long as u dont experience a major pH issue, you shouldnt need to buy more expensive pH testing supplies. Just try to have ur runoff in the 6.1-6.3 range and you should be fine. I will be keeping an eye on this and dont forget to check out my grow in my link. :smoke:
  5. looks good man honestly your right on

    except (i know its a while off) but if you have sativas and indicas the sativas are going to out do your indicas in terms of height and im hoping all the plants are female, and you cant flower all of them under one 400... i have a 430w for 4 plants so you might think about upping the wattage to 600 even 800, "the bigger the watts the bigger the yield"- WWM

    so yeah just keep that in mind haha but yeah looking great man :hello:

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    Well first things first, thanks to all the kind folks on GC who have stopped by and commented with some advice, I appreciate it a whole lot, for showing love I promise to bring forth some good mj porn soon enough.:smoke:

    Well to get things started, things are going great, pretty much I repotted all of the plants that needed it, and here are some pics to show. I only wish I knew who was male and female now. I am doing LST to all of them eventually, as of now, I did the plant in the 5th pic and topped him, the others I have not topped as yet, and they are only in the first stage of LST (I am using the wire hook method).

    Oh yeah I also gave them a small dosage of some nutes:

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  7. Well folks its been a great ride thus far! I only hope things work out well and these babies are mostly girls. I am doing LST to all of them, so they are in different stages, since they are all different ages, by a week or 2 for the most. Presently I am doing 24/7 lighting, and hoping that they mature fast enough since I want to start flowering in the next week to 2 max. By then the youngest plant would be about 1 month, and I could work with that.

    These plants are all growing so differently, but some of them so similiar. The jamaican skunk, and 2 other hybrids are so similiar. And next the skunk/haze is growing with strong sativa genes just like the sativa clone I have there. Was my first attempt at cloning and it worked well, I took a cutting from a friend of mine who is doing an out door grow.

    Watering schedule is like every 2-3 days. I adjust the plants and lighting everyday for maximum light penetration. Just waiting patiently for my hps to get here any day now, then I can begin the flowering. What do you think?, I put a lighter in the pics so u can get a ratio of the plants size.

    1. Do they look healthy?
    1. Do they seem mature enough to put to flower?
    3. Should I veg some more?
    4. What do you recommend?

    Thanks folks for your time as usual. I am just so super excited, its my first grow and I don't know how to act!:hello:

    Peace, thanks for the replies and views everyone, I do appreciate the time you take out to view a noob grow.:smoking:

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  8. your cutting looks a tad funny to me but other than that good luck!
    female vibes :D
  9. The elders I call em; obviously they are the oldest at 34 and 30days. What do you think, I have been doing LST to the 30day old one for the last 2 weeks.:D so what do you think...again all advice and recommendations are fully welcome.:smoking:

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    Nuff respect on the female vibes...I am feeling that...come on peeps send some female vibes and show some love. :)
    Yeah I kinda know what you mean, well it is from a female, and it grows like a friggin snake I tell ya! Its a real Sativa thats for sure!;) I am doing LST to it also, since in such a small grow room I can't afford for her to get too tall now. I plan to begin flowering perhaps next weekend once all goes well.:)

    I will try to take a good shot of the mum next time I visit my bud. :smoking:

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  11. Lovin the LST and good job keepin those fan leaves. The more of those guys you can fit in w/o cutting em off the faster they will grow. The main cola in the plant pic #3 from yesterday looks like its gonna put out some tasty budz. Ill be keepin up with this man and keep up the good work
  12. Thanks man, apppreciate the positive comments. See I am located in the caribbean where we have some of the most dank cannabis on the face of the planet, but the copters been doing a lot of cutting down of local weedfields and thats got the prices up alot. So we get a lot of colombian-mostly indica, jamican and st vincent sativa strains on the rampage, shit is some pretty good shit, I am talking bout 1 to 2 hits of a joint and you feeling it. :smoking: But the local shit mostly sativa is the bomb, will try to post a pic of some of those mids I telling u bout, that will knock your socks off. Don't look pretty but it stinks and smokes very hashish.

    Well I guess we all gonna learn from each other right!
  13. i want to see some of the mids your talking about haha sounds dankkkk
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    Whats up bro, well the last of that stuff I was telling you about finished on me, and I am not gonna get another 2 ounces until sometime tomorrow, so here is a pic of what I am smoking in the mean time... Smells really sweet, with a slight skunk aroma. It smokes pretty decent, but tomorrow you shall see the other stuff I am talking about.

    It's been 3 days now since I put the kids on 12/12. :p I can't go on without knowing the boys from the girls. time to find out.:smoking:

    I shall post some pics tomorrow of the kids and of some of that hashish dank skunk shit, I told you about. lol In the caribbean, we have all kinds of strains, but not that many names to diffrentiate.

    peace dude, thanks for stopping by. see ya around.

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  15. you guya down there have alot of redhaired strains ive noticed, you should send some seeds this way (jk im not a pig) dont block me mods it was a joke
  16. @ss:p

    Yeah got a lot of red hair strains that is true.. The meanest red hair strain most frequently goes by the name "Red Beard"

    I will post some shots of some real "buds" in the next couple of days. Stay tuned...damn 4 and a half more hours before I put the lights back on on my babies:

    1) (Skunk-hybrid)I re-potted the eldest plant into a 4gallon bucket. Still in the early stages of recovery since she was slightly rootbound in the previous container. Had to cut off a few yellow fan leaves, she seems to be coming along ok, will see when the lights come back on.

    2) (skunk-hybrid)Elder #2 ; Doing excellent under the LST. Seems to be the most mature plant inspite of the fact that she is almost a week younger than the oldest plant, excellent branching and development, using the method described by DierWolf in the begginer section.

    3) Skunk/Haze #1(smelly) ; Doing pretty good, so far on the 4th node of LST, approx a total of 8 nodes on the plant so far. Branching very nicely

    4) Skunk/Haze#2 (no scent) ; Doing great, growing faster than plant one, descent branching, also doing lst. Makes me wonder since it does not smell if it that is a sign of male or female? Anyone knows the answer to this :confused:

    Same seeds from the same smoke, one plant smells one doesn't- I don't get it, but I am sure it means one of two things;
    1; male or female
    2; its an inconsitent strain so plants will come out with variations. (trying to use some common sense)

    5) Jamaican skunk; Doing good, very bushy, 28days old.

    6) Skunk/Hybrid; Doing ok, definitely slow to grow, makes me wonder if its skunk or arizona green seed that popped:confused: Hopefully someone will be able to differenciate when they get to budding! :D

    7) The sativa clone, is doing good, transplanted and lst,--definitely needed it or this would have been the tallest plant and the youngest one too. :eek: no good for my inside grow. She the only plant I know for sure is a female already :smoking: lol

    So now thats more than enough, if they are all female which I am hoping that way I get to pick the best 4 to grow, the rest will have to go outdoors at a friend who has a great deal of property. Where I can always get a good clone, since I will still have to take care of them.:D So maybe part of my grow may end up outdoors soon.:smoking:

    Stay tuned for pics in the next 4 hours.

    Peace, anyone who can help answer some of my questions will be greatly appreciated. thanks to all for your support and good advice.

  17. Feckin A bro...lookin good. I'm liking the line up! Keep it growin:p
  18. you can have a smelly pheno and a none smelly pheno. doesnt mean male or female (correct if im wrong). and yeah red hair isnt so common up here, is "red beard" come with seeds?
  19. thanks dude, trying my best to maintain a standard, and you are one of the main guys who set that standard for I. :smoking:

    thanks, that sounds correct bout the pheno. Pretty much the correct wording to what I was expressing previously.:) And red hair comes both ways "sensimilla" and with seeds. Depending on the grower. The closest I can find to the local red beard is a strain called "Swazi Red Beard". Which originates in Africa, and since the slave ships made it to the caribbean it makes sense why the caribbean is so infested with different variations of "red beard":Dhttp://www.marijuanagenetics.com/africangenetics.html

    Here are pics of plants after 3 days of 12/12, I can't wait till I can tell the damn sexes. I am still using my cfls. When I figure out the boys from the girls, I will switch lighting cuz I may want to veg a lil longer. The youngest plant is 30days old, and the oldest 42 days. Something tells me I got all females and maybe one hermie! lol I hope they are all fems ...:smoking: Sending female vibes my way!!!:hello:

    Cheers dudes.

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    the purple stalk sativa clone, this is the mother I took her from. She is about 2 weeks into flowering. 3.5months old. Growing outdoors. :smoking:

    @Matt - -U might just see some redhairs if you check the second pic!...

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