1st Grow - Can anyone help ID?

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  1. Hey everyone, new member here. Been on BL for years...

    Kind of a long post... (pics below) Anyway, I'm doing my first grow. It's fairly sloppy I'll admit. All plants grown from bag seed. Initially I was not providing nutrients or measuring pH of my water.

    Over the past 10 days I have watered twice with Nectar for the Gods nutrients in water pH'd 6.6
    (I know I fucked up not reading pH initially...)

    Specifics of grow
    Plants are outdoor during the day and brought inside under LED at night. Have been running 24 hours light consistently.

    Organic soil from local garden store is medium.
    Pots are 3 and 2 and 1 gallon respectively below.
    Bigger plants are 2.5ish months old. Smaller plants are about 1 month and one is 2 weeks (cant remember and didn't mark it down... another mistake).

    So I've started noticing brown spots and brown tips. Some tips are drying out, turning brown, and breaking off, some tips are curling down, as well as a purple stem since sprouting on Plant #1. Lower leaves are yellowing on all of them.

    I'm pretty sure I overwatered them all and may have damaged the roots. I'm currently letting them all dry out and haven't watered in 3 days. Until I learned I was overwatering I pretty much saturated them daily...

    Any tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated!
    I'm trying to cover all the required components for the post per mod guidelines. I'm unsure of strains.

    This is my first grow. What's wrong with these plants? Thanks

    Plant #1
    20190604_182403.jpg 20190604_182220.jpg 20190604_182250.jpg

    Plant #2
    20190604_182331.jpg 20190604_182301.jpg

    Plant #3 (younger)

    Plant #4 (2 weeks old)
  2. Until you get past the overwatering issue you really can't diagnose any other issues because overwatering affects the roots which in turn makes deficiency like symptoms common.

    Best of wishes

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  3. Yep....its kinda like a puzzle....fix one thing....and then see how your plant reacts to that change....and then see what she needs from there.....
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    Ok thanks for the responses. Like I said I've held off on watering for 4 days now. They're starting to dry up and I'm using a soil meter to test the moisture.

    Should I expect to see some improvement with this alone?

    Is there anything I can do to dry the soil out? It's dry to halfway down then the bottom portion is wet.
    Would repotting them with better drainage be of any help?

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