1st grow, bagseed, how much longer?

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  1. Hi, this is my first grow ever, so im not terribly familiar with the flowering process. From what I have read on here I am waiting for the pistils to start receding into the bud.

    Does anyone know about how much longer I will have left? Its on week 7 of flower, and my apartment lease ends at the end of this month, so hopefully she will wrap up her flowering process soon!

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  2. Looks like you got a while...prob 2-3 more weeks! The buds will be much more fatter and those white hairs will become a bit dryer and sort of suck back into the bud and become orangeish color.
  3. The only real way to tell will be with a Microscope ... but if you put more lights for 2 - 3 weeks, you'll see the difference n thank me later ! good luck
  4. Hey man if it's saliva dominant it's going to have a longer flowering period, my guess would be 9-12 weeks. If you can wait at least 2 weeks if not give it like 8-10 more days
  5. Yeah 2 weeks at the LEAST. It's Sativa dominant so i'd say about 4 weeks because your hairs have not receded and calyx's have not really swelled.

    You want to let the pistils recede and turn red, as well as the calyx that holds the pistils to swell. Also, checking the trichromes for cloudy or amber coloration for harvest time works... It looks like you need to wait for both, and a good indication is when you have 60-80% red hairs on your crops--that's usually when you have a week or so left.

    If you prolong harvest it actually only makes the bud sweeter. There's a sticky on this forum category explaining it in full with pictures.
  6. Here is an updated pic. I haven't been doing anything different lately except watering only with water. I have about 10 more days max that I will be able to keep this alive. Hopefully it matures soon!

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  7. Well bad news ... today my landlord called and said he was going to bring by a potential tenant in 30 minutes. So my roomate rushed home and pulled the plant and cleaned up. Sucks because i was 10-20 out from where i wanted it to be!

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  8. nooooooooooooo.....
  9. this is exactrly how my plant is looking r u using 2700k cfls they look liek 6500k'ers
  10. dry it in a dark room for 5-7 days. then put it in a glass jar and pop the lid once a day for 5min. after 2 weeks its will smell dank and taste great. nice work, choppin early is a bitch, but nothin you could of done. enjoy it

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