1st grow. aurora indica

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  1. 5 aurora indicas. 400 watt hid apollo horticulture cool tube, started with open hood but got too hot. Now temps dont go over 75. Lights about 18inches away. 190cfm ventech fan. 2 fans to circulate. 3 gallon evaporative humidifier, keeps RH around 40percent. 3 gallon fabric pots. Ive done lst, topping, fimming i think, an some minor accidental super cropping. End of april will be 2 months in veg. Started on feb 27th. Slow growth for about a week or 2 due to high soil ph. A tip to new growers, dont listen to advice like "buy distilled water its always nuetral ph" etc. I was literally paying to stunt my growth due to assholes giving bad info. The distilled water i was buying was testing between 8-9 ph. I had a feeling somthing was wrong an had a friend over to test ph. Almost shit myself wen i saw how high it was. Luckily i cuaght it before any real damage. I now have 4 different kinds of ph testers so i never have to worry again. Now onto nutes; Got advanced nutes ph perfect trio. Foxfarms comback (for stressed plants), cal mag, an humboldts golden tree( heard great stuff an heard its snake oil). Plants are absolutely loving nutes, doing full strength feeding about once or twice a week ( i only water once or twice a week so there fed everytime) an they cant get enough. I keep upping the nutes lil bit everytime an they show no signs of stress, not the slightest bit of yellowing. Does anyone kno if i should keep upping the nutes or just stick to wat it says on the bottle? Id love any pointers/ tips/ criticism etc. again its my first grow but i really spent alotta time reasearching an not just throwing some seeds in dirt an hoping for the best. Ive gotten alotta compliments an all my buddies who "know wat there doing" have said my setup is very nice. In return i hope to have some of the best quality buds, an from what ive heard thats exactly what aurora indica can be. I will upload more pics tonight. Again criticism is welcome! Id love to help any new growers in any way

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