1st Grow Attempt Need Opinions!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Bnewton420, May 2, 2016.

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    I have a 2x4x5 tent
    330 watts worth of cfls 67k and 27k
    Seeds are platinum cookies
    I just started 1 plant about 2 days ago but the big plant is about 7 weeks old. Getting ready to flower here soon!

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  2. For veg CFL's work but for flower us HPS for bigger yield
  3. you cant use a regular cfl outlet for a hps can you tho?
  4. Unless you have somewhere to put that new plant you've started, you're just created a problem for yourself. CFLs will veg a plant alright as long as you have enough of them and they are the correct spectrum for veg. However, when it comes to flowering a plant, to say the results are lackluster is being kind. They just do not produce the strength of light the plant needs to produce good heavy dense buds. The plant will be spindly and the buds will be arid and not filled out. You also won't get hardly any bud development below the canopy without sufficient lighting. You really need to go with a hps fixture/bulb for flower or an LED. But LED's worth buying are VERY expensive and the cheap ones are worthless. HSP fixtures/bulbs flower plants wonderfully well but create a lot of heat. But if you want to get the most out of your plants, you're going to have to up your lighting in the flower cycle. You do have the option to continue vegging both plants until they are both large enough to flower. But you cannot flower and veg in the same tent under the same lights. You'll need a separate area for veg if you have plants not old enough to put into flower. God to the new grower threads and read the sticky's there for the beginner grower. Everybody spends their time thinking about the setup they're going to grow with and don't put too much effort into trying to figure out the "process" of growing these plants. You can have the greatest grow setup in the world but if you don't understand the whole process and the basics of growing MJ, you'll have a real hard time. Ideally, all this should've been researched out before you ended up with plants. But now you've got them, so you've got to figure out how to deal with them. If you can't create a separate veg area, then you'll have to chunk that little one while the big one flowers and then start another on down the road when your tent is open again for veg. TWW
  5. No .
    You can p/u aHPS system from eBay or HTGSupply.com $120 USD
    400 watt.
  6. I use 4' 4 bulb T-5 flourecent for veg and 1000 HPS for flower about 20 each DWC & testing 50/50 Coco & Hydroton
  7. Black lights don't grow weed

    Haha disco tent
  8. Yess i do know that i cant keep them in the same place i was depating on to starting it or not but i did anyway i might just build me a lil arear for it a little later but for right now its okaay i think because im not flowering the other one for another week or so soo i can build something in time . But i do want to get hps lights badly but i dont have any sockets for them right now and really dont know how to set alll that up but im working on it . Ive done a hell of a lot of resarch im just running on a really low budget . And experiencing around right now sense it is my first grow
  9. Lmaoo i fuck with that tho makes the leaves a darker color and they its a UV light i heard they make your TCH potency higher during flower soo i just tossed them in there tbh more light the better right?
  10. Welll its been a while sense i posted but the plant is now at 2 weeks Flowering how yall think???

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