1st Grow and kind of ghetto rigged

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    My friends and I smoke a lot. While smoking we decided that we were gonna try and grow something cuz we had some seeds from some mids and some from this really good nugget we had once.

    We just put some of the germinated seeds into little pots of soil and set them in a closet under 4 26 watt cfl's (6500k) and have had them under 24/0 for a couple weeks now. Temp has been staying around 78 F.

    We have put some of the bigger ones into bigger pots but since some of the other ones have refused to really grow and some have wilted up and pretty much died... any ideas on what i have to do better? btw this is just a testing batch but we would like to get some results.

    I'll try to get my crappy phone pics up on here for all to see
    the first three were taken a couple weeks after sprouting

    and the other 4 were from today
  2. Those last two look kinda soggy and overwatered. Is this the case or did you over-water them trying to bring them back. It also looks like you're using soil that includes nutrients. Looks like miracle grow or similar. Many people on GC don't recommend that soil because they said it kills the plants early on from root burn. I myself successfully grew some bagseed in it just fine, but It's impossible to flush because the nutrients in there are time released, so when I harvested, it's inevitable that the buds will taste a little bit like chemical. That type of soil also tends to drain poorly so overwatering is definitely a possibility. Hope this helps...
  3. Looks good so far. You still got a long way to go, so take care of them. May you wind up with no nutsacks.....LOL!
  4. I think you need a fan of sorts blowing across the tops, not to shabby keep up the good work ...
  5. They look great man. Pretty soon those guys are going to be begging for a lot more light though ;)
  6. Yeah we are going to be switching soils tomorrow and they look soggy cuz the soil had gotten too dry and we tried reviving them by soaking them but those two are gone for sure

    I hope they are all females :smoke:

    There is a fan blowing on them its just not in the picture, its just a little computer fan but its been doing the trick cuz the stems have grown really strong.

    When we go buy soil we are going to pick up another 4 bulbs and maybe some more goodies to spoil the babies with... and in the next week or so we should be ordering some nutes online... any recommendations for that type of ghetto ass setup... i dont want to get something that the plants are going to freak out about cuz i dont know how to add proper amounts... I need to find just some simple nutes that will not be too complicated

    Thanks for the posts guys I really appreciate it :hello:
  7. I would recommend getting Fox Farms "grow big" for veg, and the "big bloom" for flower. these are fairly inexpensive, and would keep your grow organic... oh yeah, its also really hard to burn your plants with these nutes
  8. Jackpot.

    Yeah i would recommend Fox Farm nutrients. I'm just not so sure those are readily available at menards or home depot. Can anyone step in and recommend a good place to get fox farm from?

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