1st grow....Aeroponics....nute suggestions

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  1. I have a diy aeroponics set-up in a lg (27 gal?) Rubbermaid container. I currently have six babies (strain is Mango) and the nutes I had planned to use have been discontinued. (Maybe they weren't such a great choice.)
    I don't want to go crazy price wise, but I need a nute setup that won't clog aero-sprayers too badly. I live in the Dallas area (Texas) and have MANY local hydro stores, but I'd rather have y'alls opinions b4 going out to purchase.
    What do you use, and about how much does it cost? What do you like/dislike about any nutes suggested? My babies are still pretty tiny, so I have at least a week or two till I have to buy.....I look forward to y'alls debate! [​IMG]
  2. That was the Humboldt line I ordered......the shop owner told me it was discontinued. WTF. I'll look into this further.
  3. Agforest, I will look into your line as best as I can as well.
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    I just called Humboldt and it is not discontinued....I'm starting to think this company was a bad choice. I will see soon. Hope not, because the order was over $300. Now, I am more worried about my legal online purchase than I was about my seed order.
  5. I buy my nutes through HTG supply online and I get a quart of each (micro/grow/bloom) for under $40. I buy the ginormous wherever I can find it, usually on amazon for $20/quart. Humboldt has never insinuated that they were discontinuing their basic 3 part nutrient system so I don't know where your guy is getting his info.
  6. sensi grow part a/part b for veg worked sick for me on my aero
    than general hydro micro and bloom for flower
  7. After getting great results with the full line of DM Gold I decided to simplify my life and save $$$$ by using DM ONE Grow throughout, but during flower adding DM Potash+


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