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  1. sup grasscity, I'm adventuring into cultivation and i happened to already have 4 - 2 bulb shop lights, 40w each cool white plus. they are t12 philips. this will be my first time growing and before i start i need this communities expertise as i noticed they are more than quite a few growers who have complete understanding on what direction to start with. My questions are:

    Will the t12's be able to give my plants what they need? If so how many plants?

    What kind of lights would be recommended to add to the t12's that are low cost?

    When I do purchase additional lights, should I add to the t12's, or replace them?

    What strain would be recommended for my first grow with the t12's if i can use them?

    I am extremely aware that I am far from growing at max potential but I wish to the best I can so Any and all feedback will be taken in with alot of appreciation. Thanks in advance.

  2. if you haven't already, check out the stickies. They will give you tons of help as far as lighting goes.

    Anyway, your lighting set up gives you 320 watts if my math is correct. At 100 watts per plant (the recommended light per plant), you should be able to get 3 flowering plants in there. Now of course you need a different light spectrum for different stages of the plant's life.

    Do you know the light spectrum of the t12's?

    I would put a couple CFL's on top with the t12's and some on the side to help the bottom and sides of the plants get some light.

    PM me if you need any extra help. I'm on my first grow as well but i've done plenty of research on grasscity to answer some basic questions.
  3. Everyone has to start somewhere!
    I think the rule of thumb is 100 W per 2x2 growing area or 100 W per plant.
    Depends what you mean by low cost, i got my HPS for 70 bucks!
    you don't really have to buy more light until you realize you want to grow more.
    i wouldn't start with a sativa, or at least mine have been more difficult than my indicas.

    if you have anymore questions or want me to elaborate just ask!

  4. Let's be honest, stickies can be a little overwhelming for first time growers. Even though i do agree it is the first place to look and you SHOULD always go there for references.

  5. Thanks alot and yes i have read the stickies which filled alot of my voids in what wished to learn so i just asked to get personal opinions to kinda find the most comfortable way. You guys are great and reply fast and i get excited to know this forum actually has members that know there stuff. :hello:

  6. thats actually not high priced at all. I got kinda worried when i saw lights in the 2-3 hundred range lol. awesome pointers bro thanks a bunch :smoke:

  7. theres just so many ways to grow and im trying to get great fast while keeping in mind a failed crop also eventually lead to better product. :p
  8. I forgot to mention i also have a helical 45w 120VAC 60Hz 660mA FLE 45HLX/2/SW that i think will add an additional 150w plus or minus if im correct. Does this light add to what im needing?
  9. [​IMG]
  10. Honestly, i'm not a fan of stickies haha. but yeah that bulb looks fine for growing. and it will make a difference!
  11. I agree there are some hps all in one units under $100. For the veg stage you should be good with the shop lights but you can get away with a smaller grow space with the Cfls. I would recommend the hps for flower Cfls are a waste in my opinion.

  12. thanks and my aim is to enhance my grow room as i get deeper into it so eventually i will grab a hps before the flower stage hits. im still stuck at what strain i wanna start with. i been looking at northern lights or big bud so i can yield enough to get everything i need in my setup to reach top potential in my future children:smoke:
  13. NL is a good beginner strain it doesn't stress easy. It grows a good yield and will teach you alot.

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