1st Grow: 5 Auto NL 400W MH/HPS

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    hello im a new "member" to this site but have been reading and following ppl on here for months now and love it. i finally equipped myself with grow gear and am ready to take on my first grow :D. The equipment I'm using is:
    auto fem/auto flower northern lights seeds Crop King
    400W metal halide and high pressure sodium bulbs with reflector hood
    Organic Pro Mix soil
    Holland Secret Micro Grow Bloom Nutes
    half gal,1 gal, 2 gal pots
    2 desk top fans 9"
    1 clip on fan 6"
    4 1/2 by 2 1/2 foot growbox
    i planted today at lunch time after letting them germ for 3 days. i did the distilled water in a cup method for 2 days and paper towel for the last (i realize tap water kills bacteria yada yada, moving on). only 3 of my seeds rooted and they weren't even long just a cm out of the shell and the other 2 had only popped but not roots, i planted them all anyway. the 3 with roots i planted in moist soil root down seed up about half inch down and lightly covered it with soil and gave it a few sprays each. the other 2 seeds that hadn't rooted i tried i different approach just to see what happens. i planted them the same but in dry soil and gave a light watering not a run off. the temperature in my grow box is a steady 29 degree Celsius. they've been under the mh for about 12 hours now and my questions are these? should i run them on a 24 hour schedule just until they sprout and then change it to 18-6? from the sounds of everything do i have a decent chance at plant life? all the feedback is much appreciated especially for this noob ;D what could i be doing better or is it just the patience game now? how often should i water?

  2. I run at 24/0 for the first week. Make sure you ph the water, and don't feed them yet. And you don't have a fan listed, plants need fresh air. From the start...
    Don't let them dry out, but don't drown them either(not much help I know).
    Good luck and have fun...
  3. my bad, i have a 9 inch desk fan and a 6 inch clip on fan so not to worried about ventilation. thanks for the tip tho i like the sound of that first week schedule. my other 2 seeds that popped but didn't root I planted anyway, is there a chance they have a chance at life?
  4. How are you getting the stale air out of the grow space, you need to extract it. All those fans will do is blow the same air around in circles...
  5. i have micro grow bloom nutes that come as a trio and mix together. was planning on starting with half strength for the first two weeks. anyone who has experience with autos all input is welcome! I'm not really sure how to approach these when the time comes, I've heard so many different things...
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    I'm growing in a grow box which i made a few custom vents so air can extract. with the 2 fans going it will circulate it fine and blow itself out. the grow box is 4 1/2 ft by 2 1/2 ft.
    Not the best box for autos i know *facepalm* we live and we learn haha
  7. It won't, not at the rate plants use air. Relying on passive ventilation is the same mistake I made on my first grow. 2 weeks from now you'll be asking why your plants are growing slowly. Plants "feed" on air and light, like carbohydrates and protein for us. Nearly all of a plants mass is carbon extracted from the air. Fresh air has CO2 at 390ppm, when it falls to 200ppm growth stops. The nutrients we give them are more like vitamins for us, vital but you can't grow on them...
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    makes total sense and completely agree thank you. with my box i could have the door open with black plastic to cover instead to keep light in and position one fan to blow the stale air out and position my clip on fan to blow fresh air in through one of my vents sound good?
    EDIT: i can still maintain a 28-30 degree temp with the door open.
  9. It'll help, try and get an inline mixed flow fan and carbon filter set up if you can. Even though NL is supposed to be a "low odour" variety it's still going to stink when it starts to flower...
    28-30<sup>o</sup>C is at the top end of the temp range, ideally you want it around 25<sup>o</sup>C. Proper ventilation will help with that as well.
    Have a look through this site, it helped me http://www.growweedeasy.com/
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    isn't it okay to have it higher when there seedlings? as long as the soil stays moist shouldn't it be better? when they actually sprout ill keep it between 25-28. also i have a third desk 9 inch desk fan i could use to blow twice the amount of fresh air in so I'm really not worried about the ventilation so much seeing as its all about how i position em.
    edit: also odour isn't a problem/concern with my situation 
  11. Yea, warm and moist is fine for young plants...
  12. running my mh for my veg stage at a 24 hr first week and 18/6 for 2-3 weeks what am i looking at for an electric bill on that approx?
  13. dont Feed for at least the first 3 weeks. Seeds contain enough food and hormones to get the plants started. If you start feeding too soon you will only hurt your plants.

    My grow journal http://forum.grasscity.com/indoor-grow-journals/1323166-another-noob-his-first-grow.html
  14. o ill begin feeding when they tell me haha. approximately 1.5-2 weeks is my guess tho, 3 weeks seems way to long. have you grown autos before?
  15. Love crop king and the northern lights auto, don't over think, over parent. Good luck and enjoy!
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    Have you? Lol dont feed til the 1st little round leaves show signs of being drained for their nutes......
    This is your 1st grow, try not to presume or assume, listen to the plants rather than making guess' as to when you believe they will need food. The plants will tell/show you. I have 7 autos in 4X4 space atm, almost all ready for harvest, no special soil ( recycled organic ) and have only been fed straight water, not your " im a first time grower look at me feed these bottles of sewage to my plants cuz i know what imma doin "
    Keep that thought pattern and your plants will bitch slap you =)
  17. o i know that u may have interpreted incorrectly. plants will not be fed for at least 1-2 weeks but they will tell me when they need it. not overthinking and good parenting makes the most sense thank you :)
  18. its been 48 hrs since I've planted my seeds and put them under the mh and no sprouts yet :/. the soil has stayed moist for the whole time so i dunno whats taking them so long... i decided to go ahead and germ 15 more bag seeds just incase and for giggles. i know it can sometimes take up to a week for them to sprout but in most cases they come up in the first 3 days is that not true?
  19. Patience....

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