1st grow... 2 plants remain. Need some advice.

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  1. Hi all, Long story short - This year sucked. Where I'm at in the Northeast, we had less than desirable growing conditions for nearly all crops. So, our initial plot of 32 was reduced to 5, of those, 2 fems.

    The stats: 2.5 weeks into flowering. Only nute being applied at this point is bone meal. Nutes have drastically tapered off since some of that yellowing has occured. No insecticide has been used for over a month. Sprouted first week of May. Were supplemented with manure, blood, bone, potash and fish emulsion during their main growth phase.

    Please consider that this is the first grow-op for my partner and I and the best we could do given what we had to face since the end of April.

    Questions/Concerns: What in the hell is that bug? Katydid? I'm fairly sure they're eating the leaves. Come in some of the CRAZIEST colors. Some are a phosphorescent purple.

    During our initial setup lots of stuff happened including our germ tray dropping and the seeds of different varieties getting jumbled and mixed together - any ideas whether its Indica or Sativa dominant? Leaves suggest Indica in my eyes... yet the structure seems Sativa. Height of the big plant is right around 5'5", the other about a foot smaller.

    Seed possibilities: Mountain Misty, Mazar x Afghan, White Widow, bag seed.

    Any advice, or any input at all for that matter would really be appreciated. I learned a lot from you guys on the grow boards and I have so much respect for you guys, this really is an awesome community. Peace :smoking:

  2. Hey, cant give you much advice but i have those sometimes on my plants too, really for me there nothing to worry about, and i havent put any pest control on my plants.
  3. That bug in your middle picture i have seen on my plant every time that i check, i dont think it does any harm casue my plants were always fine with it
  4. if u get rippers in the area setup some homemade trip mines! warning they can blow someones foot off im serius... dont underestimate this

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pb8sZ3fQ5II]YouTube - How To Make A Landmine![/ame]
  5. The official position of GC discourages the use of anti-personnel landmines.
  6. hey man. I'm in the like midatlantic region. ive seen those bugs on my plants as well. They're always there just chillin, lounging on the leaves. They don't seem to be causing any harm from what I've observed. Pretty lil creatures aren't they? Caterpillars on the other hand have been a pain :mad: Whenever you can inspect your budding flowers for webs and holes dug into the stems.

    It looks like your plants are in the early days of flowering. Bone meal is good and all but you'll want to find some nutes that have Potassium and trace minerals to really help fill out those buds. If you can get some unsulphured molasses to supplement feed then your ladies should turn out even better.

    I have a plant that may be Mazar X Afghan (from marijuana.nl). I don't know for sure because I also had a mix up with the seedlings early on. She's pretty bushy naturally with medium-fat leaves. Also in her early few weeks of flowering. She does look a bit different that what I've seen from your pics. I was hoping to confirm what strain she was :rolleyes: oh well. Best of luck with your grow!

  7. Don't underestimate the power of the DISTRICT ATTORNEY in charging you with attempted homicide, if a LEO where to step on it.

  8. This is just stupid. If you put this shit around your plants you are a retard. I request this BS link be taken out of this thread. This makes us all look bad no matter how you look at it.

    If you want to protect your plants from rippers with force then so be it. But do it with a shot gun,knife,bat,camera or whatever. Just do it face to face. Atleast this way you know your not killing the meter reader,dog, neighbors kid looking for a ball, hunter. The list goes on and on. Leave the inocent alone.

    I am not bashing the vid at all. If people want to make land mines then thats there problem. I have a problem with how to make land mines to protect plants in a grow site. This makes us all look bad.

    Your post is the kind of post you see on CNN news showing how growers make land mines to kill anybody around there plants. No biggie thats just another million people who will not vote for legal MJ.

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    How are you only 2.5 weeks into flowering? I live in NE and mine are on 7.5 and getting chopped tuesday...

    Your way behind... Not tryna be a downer but your only gonna get a few popcorn buds...
    cut your losses and make QWISO or bring it in under some hps lights or leds if you want real buds...

    The first NE frost is sposed to hit in like a week and if there not cut by then your screwed..

    and mine have those little bugs too there pretty neat looking... i dont think they eat anything cause my plants dont have any chew marks but i always pinch them off anyways... they act like squirrels theyll try and hide on the other side of the leaf if they know you see them..

  10. I have to give you +rep for that. A cool head with the eye on the ends while looking at the means.
  11. this guy has posted this link all over this site. If I saw him face to face I would crack him a good one right acrros the fourhead with my solid brass cane handle just for being a dumb ass.

  12. I have seen that exact same post in 1 other thread so far. I must agree that I would bust this guy in the chops for suggesting such a thing.

    We are only commiting a crime because the government is opposed to a natural safe product. Wait under US gov't, can't it only be a product if it is 'manufactured?" I mean hemp was made illegal because of influence of men such as Mr. DuPont, and high ranking lackeys of other company's hurt by the scientific advancement of hempen products.

    Any encouragement of any crime that would hurt another person or their well being (#1 is money) is just at best a detriment to the legalization of cannabis for ANY use. Lest I not forget the true and real medical benefits of cannabis, narrow as they may be in reality.
  13. Although I have no cane, I agree and would do the same... people like him give marijuana growers a TERRIBLE name, making us look like a bunch of outlaws :mad:
  14. lol i wish u would
  15. To clarify the insect in the original post, that looks very much like a leafhopper.

    Leafhopper, any of more than 10,000 species of brightly colored leaping insects, found worldwide. Leafhoppers range in length from 2 to 25 mm (0.06 to 1 in) and have piercing, sucking mouthparts for feeding on the juices of vegetation. In doing so, they may also transmit viral and fungal diseases from plant to plant and can cause extensive damage to shrubs, field crops, and fruit trees. A sweet liquid called honeydew-composed of unused sap and other excretions-that they exude from their anus is eaten by ants and other insects. Leafhoppers lay eggs in leaves and stems. Among the 700 species found in the United States are the grape, potato, lateral, and banded leafhoppers.

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