1st Grow, 1Clone+4Seeds and a Closet.

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  1. I went to the Cannabis Cup recently when it came to San Francisco and while I was there I learned a lot. I walked away with a Grandaddy Purple clone given to me by the Grandaddy himself: Ken Estes, and some heirloom Shiva Skunk Seeds from a vendor. I decided to give it a go and see if I could get 5 plants going with a possibility of cloning the best seedling. Learning as much as I can and spending money only when necessary is a must. NOTE:I recently bought 4x 23wCFLs and 1x 43wCFL and some mylar. The first 2 weeks I had them all under a 100w MH and the change in lighting seems to have made a huge difference.

    I had Fox Farms soil already, as well as pots. I transplanted the clone and germinated 4 Shiva Skunk seeds on June 29. Set it 24/0 and forget it for about a week, watering daily. The clone took root and immediately flourished in it's little 10" pot. The seedlings followed suit in cups, shooting up and out and rootballing quite nicely. Yesterday I transplanted all of the plants into their final 5gal pots, their roots looked and felt so healthy. Although they are small, and somewhat stunted, I think that they will turn out fine, maybe just a little late. A good friend of mine was kind enough to give me an assortment of Nutrients and combo's, so I picked up a pH kit and have began a regimen for the clone. I'm using a combo of Cutting Edge Solutions Grow, Bloom and Micro with some FloraBlend compost tea for good measure with very small amounts of DynaGrow ProTeKt and General Hyrdroponics' CHI and Diamond Nectar, as well as some of Humboldt County's own Purple Maxx. I have been adjusting the food pH to ~6. In just under 2 weeks of using this nutrient blend on the clone and seedlings I've noticed a sharp increase in growth and overall health of the plants as well as purple hue growing from the stems. I've been feeding 2-3 days out of 4 supplementing with ph7 water. Soil pH is never over 7 or under 5. Only mild nutrient burn at the tips. I'm hoping both the transplant and a newly formulated blend will work better. Pics, taken today:

    Closet space, currently.
    Top View of a Shiva Skunk Seedling. They're all ~5" tall
    Close- Up of GDP. Nearing 10" you can see some light burn at the top.
    Purple branches on GDP
    The pictures look a little bit more yellow than they are IRL.
    The fan constantly runs, while the lights are on a 19/5 lighting timer. I keep the closet cracked and a nearby window open for fresh air circulation. Temp stays at 65F.

    Am I over-aggressively using nutrients? I don't want to shock my plants, but fully intend on upping the dosage until I reach the maximum. How do I determine the optimal nutrient levels with what I've been given? I see companies prescribing 5 part blends but I only have a couple from each company and kind of have to substitute and add on to make things work. The plants seem happy with their new juice, but how soon will I really know? Can I continue to increase the potency of the blend throughout the veg cycle as growth dictates or will I reach the max very quickly?

    What is the maximum amount of plants I can effectively grow in a 7.5'x4'x4' closet? It has an option of a split at either half height, half width, or both. Can I convert it into separate veg and flowering chambers?

    How many more lights am I going to need to finish these plants? By my counts I'm at ~14000 lumens split between 5 lights in a 4'x2.5' area(roughly 1400 lumens/sqft) with mylar everywhere.

    I was told that Shiva Skunk a cross between Northern Lights #5 and Skunk #1 is a feminized strain, is this accurate? I hope so.

    Am I missing anything?

    Thanks in advance for any advice, questions, comments or concerns.:D
    Take it EZ

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