1st Grow(1000w tent grow with multiple strains)

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  1. Hello Grass City Community,

    I have started my first grow today (germinating using paper towel method). The strains that I am growing are 3x white rhino(fem), 3x master kush(fem) and 3x chocolate chunk(reg) for a total of 9 plants. I will start by explaining my setup:

    I have one room for veg (8 feet x 3.5 feet) with 260w of CFLs and an oscillating fan to keep the air flowing. I have a intake fan pulling the air out of the room*.

    For the flowering room im using a 5 feet x 5 feet tent with a 1000w HPS.

    For nutrients ive decided to use AN grow-micro-bloom. I also plan on getting the AN Hobbyist Bundle which comes with Big Bud, B-52, Voodoo Juice and free Overdrive.

    If you want anymore info ask away, I will update when the seeds have germinated.
    I will upload pics later.

  2. Here's an update, it seems during the process all the seeds moved around and none have germinated yet. Not sure if the died from moving around but I will leave them be and see what happens.
  3. no pic no proof lol jk but would like to see the setup
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    I will have it up soon. Just have been having trouble with the pictures.
  5. More updates, 3 of the 9 seeds have germinated, sadly my seeds have been mixed in the process of germinating so its going to be a big guessing game when my babies are growing, my veg room temperatures are hitting 80 (60% humidity) with the lights on, is this ok or a little too high? Also does the ph equipment im using look legit or is it shit? Would like imput because I would like equipement that will give me the right readings.

    Thank you all

    Finally here are some pics of my veg room, my light setup, my equipment and my soil/nutriments:

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  6. 5 of 9 seeds have Germinated. More updates when I get more results for those who are still following :)
  7. Just another quick update, 8 of 9 seeds have germinated, but no sprouts yet, I still wouldnt mind a lil input on my temperatures in my veg room, temp = 79-80 with lights on with a humidity of 60. Is this too high? I was planning on adding homemade co2 in the veg room for better results, sadly I must wait a little while before I can purchase anything.

    Approx how long does it take the seedlings to pop once ive planted my seed in the soil?

    I also found these old deep purple seeds i bought (blueberry x purple) awhile back, decided to germinated them all to see if I would have any luck with them because the seeds look like they are in poor shape. But hey you never know, unless you try :D

    That is all for now, not sure if anyone is following, but for those who are I will keep you updated :smoke:
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    Shit. I'll sub. Sounds like it will be fun.

    Good luck man, your temps sound fine for vegging. As long as they don't get any higher
    and you have good ventilation then your golden.

    Good luck.


    Hey man I was just thinking about this grow... Can I suggest you set up a SCROG grow for the white rhinos. I heard they perform very well with LST and topping and with that setup you could more than double your yield with just a little bit of veg time on the rhinos. I think it would be incredible man. Just a thought. :)
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    I plan on lst and topping already :D but thanks for the advice. :)
  10. ok so just a lil update, all the seeds have germinated ( 3 white rhino, 3 master kush and 3 chocolate chunk) Still waiting on them to sprout, but have never been more excited :D

  11. Good luck mate!
  12. How long does it usually take for a seedling to pop?
  13. Ok, so just another lil issue, I didnt put the seeds, planted in soil, under a light for about 20 hours, will this affect me in any way?

  14. Usually a few days...a big part of growing is waiting...;)

  15. no it willl not.
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    Haha. I guess so. I guess im a lil impatient :D
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    I guess its that cheese and sour diesel vaporised that's making me a lil paranoid haha.

  18. One thing you will have to learn in growing is patience...the plants do actually grow fast, but ever as fast as you want...;)

    The hardest part of most first grows, providing you've done your research is the waiting game...
  19. Haha. I know exactly how you feel, like every little move you make with these things could be the move you so deeply regret a couple months down the road.

    Here is how you have to look at it dude:

    As basically and simply as you can you have to replicate nature. This is your first grow and you need to just relax. No fear... If you were to completely screw up all nine seeds and ruin everything at least you would have the experience you have already gained. Then you would start over and be a better person for it. :) <---- not gonna happen though.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is from all your posts, even if you never said it was your first grow, I can tell. Your real edgy and "paranoid." Which is perfectly fine, it just doesn't have to be like that. Growing pot is easy, your going to do just fine with these plants and a couple months down the road when your harvesting some incredible dankness, I'm going to quote this post and say "I told you so!" :)

    Super easy and I know you can do it. Good luck man!
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    I know I know, but I just want my babies to grow big right now :D

    But I know that throughout the grow if anything is done too soon it could reduce my grow a lot, so for the time being ill tough it out :p

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