1st greenhouse grow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by moose71, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. hey guys. got 5 ladies started mid may in my 10' by 20' by 7ft green house. the strains are dr .krippling incred. bulk, dutch pass. the ultimate, bomb seeds big bomb, visions big bud. all growing in soil in 17 gal. fab. pots. they're roughly 5ft tall and wide from numerous fiming/ lst. i was under the impression that most hy birds would naturally bud when the daylight drops below 14 hrs. a day. well thats come and gone and no sign of budding. any idea when they might start? these strains are between 60-70 days so plenty of time has gone by. and no i can't cover this greenhouse to get budding started. thanks!
  2. Some strains start flowering at 10 hours, but often it'll take 12 hours of dark.

    Is it your first grow or no? Did they start stretching yet? If they haven't.. if they're 5 ft tall and your greenhouse is 7 ft tall.. might run into problems
  3. 1st outdoor grow. yes they have stretched. now they have slowed so I'm thinking they're getting ready to bud. been on another site. couple guys in colorado said last week their plants were budding. they were at 14 hrs. light last week. my buddy told me the same esp. if early strain as mine are. sure hope they bud soon as our 1st. frosts are mid sept. maybe get another month with the green house. thanks for the info.

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