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1st generation blunt

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by aerikk, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. whats up my fellow stoner budds!!
    so... today i smoked 3 fat blunts (thank god) and i was pretty baked.
    so, me and my friends go to some forrest to smoke, theres allot of cool trails in the forrest :)
    we sat down on a logg and got stoned, and as we were smoking he pulled out what is called a 1st generation
    we were half way down the second blunt... i was supostedot be smoking him out, but, idk.. hhe just pulled it out, out of nowhere! it was awesome.. so i ask him what the fuck was a 1st generation blunt! and he says.. its where you save all your little roaches untill you have enough to roll one fat ass blunt of the doobies 8) I WAS LIKE.. WTF!!?!? thats so bad ass!!! it tated kindabad.. but i knew it was kush cause it got me blowed ass fuuuuck!! and then we went back home. ate and chilled :) today was a good day!
    and tomorrow, im supposted to smoke 2 blunts with this really hot chick i've been talking to for a couple months...

    SWEET!! i love my stoner life
  2. Lol, wrong section bro.
  3. i do this alot. but i just call it a roach blunt.
  4. that would be a second gen
  5. I didn't read most of what OP said, but judging from the title, I think I know what you're talking about, and had a friend try to explain it to me, once.

    He smoked like 5 2 gram blunts one day, and saved the roaches. He took those roaches, along with the roaches from other blunts, and rolled it into ANOTHER blunt. Then, he took that roach, and saved it, along with other "special roach blunt roaches". And then he rolled a roach blunt out of roaches from roach blunts.

    I didn't quite get it. :confused_2:

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