1st ever grow. Superskunk clones in tent. Help needed!

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  1. hi peeps. This is my first ever grow. I'm upto a point where I could do with a wee bit of advice. First i'll fill you in on where I'm upto with my grow.

    I'm using a 1.5 mtr grow tent, 600w halide bulb especially for vegging, I've got an intake fan and an outlet and also a clip on fan inside the tent to circulate air and strengthen the plants. Average temperature is about 80 F and humidity usually just over 40%. PH of the water is 6.1 which I've been told is perfect?

    I'm growing 4 superskunk female clones that I aquired from a friend. i'm growing them in Coco and perlite mix in ten litre pots. I transplanted them from there little pots straight into the big pot two weeks ago tomorrow.

    Two of the plants are thriving and two have hardly grown at all. Although in the last few days they've started growing a lot faster. Two new pairs of leaves each :hello:!!

    I'm using canna nutes. Cant remember the exact measurements. I've got it all written down somewhere. I'll find it later!

    Anyway all has been well so far until a few days ago I noticed a few tiny yellow spots on a few of the leaves from the bigger plants. i also noticed that the stems in some places where turning a light shade of purple. I was hoping someone could maybe tell me what it is :confused:. Also on the surface of the soil its turning a bit green in places. Only a bit. None of this seems to be stunting growth that I can tell anyway. Take a look at the pics and any comments about my first set up and any help with problems is appreciated! Sorry limited pics from my phone. i'll try and get some better ones. Oh and i'm growing just for personal :smoking:

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  2. Did you check under the leaves for bugs?
    Do you mist your leaves with the lights on?

    the purple in stems are natural, sometimes it has been linked to light stress but nothing to lose sleep over.

    if you dont have spider mites, the only thing I can think of is little "burn spots."
  3. Thanks dude. Definately no bugs but i do mist with the lights on. Is that bad?
  4. Give them a good flush and stop giving them nutes, feed them straight water and see what happens. Check out this guide, it's like the all knowing reference. The Complete guide to Sick Plants, sorry GC.
  5. Well I was thinking about giving them a day or two without any water at all. They'll be OK won't they?

    Other than that little problem do you think they are looking healthy? The first two weeks of grow seem to have gone smoothly and now I'm starting to get paranoid about everything!!

    Must roll a spliff and think things through:D:smoking:
  6. More pictures for you. The two weaklings are are there close up. They've improved a bit now though. That pic was taken a few days ago. They were all planted at the same time.

    Thanks for looking :smoking:

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  7. they do look good so far
  8. Thanks man. Does anybody know how long I should veg for? I was thinking of changing the bulb and going 12/12 in about 2 weeks depending on how big they are. That will be 4 weeks vegging,

    Also does anybody have any idea on the flowering time. I heard about 7 weeks?


    Peace and happy tokin :smoking:
  9. depends on the strain but i think aveg for skunk is 9 weeks

    also it all depends on you on how long you want to veg for. 2 months is normal. but most people do between 4 - 6 weeks.
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    You can grow them small and fast, or big and slow.

    I'm doing big and slow. I switched to 12/12 when I started to see pre flowers.

    I'm still debating on which method to follow for harvesting.

    Look up my grow journal for pics.
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    yes this is bad. you should never directly mist the leaves when the lights are on as it will cause those spots.

    i found that a nice misting of carbonated water just after dark made them quite happy.
  12. Thanks for all the help so far guys! It's much needed.

    No more daytime misting. i'll just mist them once when the lights go off from now on.

    Ok the BIG issue at the moment is watering. i'm reading all sorts of methodology so far and I just can't put my finger on the right thing to do.

    So far i've been watering each plat twice a day. once in the morning and again in the evening. I've been giving them about 350ml each time I water so roughly 700 ml per day. For me I think this is too much but the guy I got the clones off says this is the best way to do it, i'm not sure:confused:.

    They are in ten litre pots and i'm using a coco and perlite mix as my growing medium. The nutes i'm using are listed below.

    Canna coco A - 60ml
    Canna coco B - 60ml
    Cannazyme - 40ml
    Rhizotonic - 40 ml

    This is mixed into a 20L feed tank with tap water that I've left to stand. I keep the PH at about 6.1.

    What do you guys think? Am i over watering?

    oh and can anybody enlighten me about topping the plants. i've heard about this but I'm not sure how to do it or if it's too late.

    Also if anybody knows a good way to make my plants stretch out a bit that would be good because they're growing more bushy and i want them to get a bit taller. Maybe i'm expecting too much after two weeks??

    I'll post more pics when i can!

  13. OK so I've given up already :(

    The surface soil was starting to look seriously dry so I gave them about 200ml each of my water nutrient mix. Is that bad? I'm starting to panick again!

    Also now I've stopped misting them the humiduty in the tent has dropped right down to 31%!!

    What can be done. Ima roll a doob and ponder :smoking:

    Thanks for checking in :wave:
  14. :rolleyes:I would really appreciate any feedback here peeps
  15. You're over watering. Water when you can stick your finger in the soil an inch and it feels dry.

    My plants are big and thirsty and they still only need water every 4 days at this point. I water them until I get some runnoff and that's it.

    You don't need to water twice a day ever, IMHO.

    You can keep the top soil moist with a spray bottle.
  16. Cheers bro.

    I need as much feedback as I can get here. Will over watering cause me big problems.

    The thing is this a joint venture with my housemate and he's pretty adamant that we should water everyday ..... :smoking:
  17. Cheers!
    Over watering will drown the roots and they will die from lack of oxygen.


  18. you can water a little bit each day, but you really shouldn't (roots go in search of water when they cant find it)

    let the pots dry out totally between waterings and you will make the roots grow more

    feel how light it is when its really dry, water it so you get runnoff and feel it full

    water again when it feels light

    grow nice healthy roots and you'll end up with a better plant up top

  19. Another good indication of when to water is when your plants start to droop a little they're thirsty. They don't need a ton of water at that point. Water until you get some runoff and they'll perk up in about 30 minutes.

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