1st ever grow, Easyryder in a closet set up

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     Hello everyone,

    first post here but basically ive been lurking around for awhile preparing my first grow set up. finally ready to go and im about a week into it...

    ive got 2 Lowryder x AK-47 females in a 16x16x48" grow tent, with a 15w LED light panel and a 4" inline fan for exhaust/circulation, attached are some pics... i germinated one of them about a week ago and it just broke out the soil this past tuesday. the other is a few days behind and theres an odd looking white spot on one the leaves?

    just looking for some feedback and such.

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  2. Can't really tell from the pic. Could it be a piece of the shell? Or is it right on the leaf?
    Don't really know much about the LED's.
    Have fun, enjoy your grow. Let the girls do what they have to do and don't freak out.
    Good luck.
  3. yea part of seed was my geuss, im not trying to touch it tho haha

    and from what ive read LEDs use a totally different energy scale than HPS or conventional lights but if im correct 15w of LED power should be somewhat equal to about a 150-200w HPS light... i think.
  4. Sounds pretty good for the setup your running.
    I like letting it fall off by itself as well, but sometimes if it takes too long I use a spray bottle to remove it. It's fun. LOL:smoking:

    Should be nice to see how big these chicks get.
  5. should i be worried if they havent really changed at all inthe last 4 days? i also put them in larger pots now, i was told the roots might want more room after the first week. they are in 2 gallon pots now

    guess ill just keep waiting and watching.... how much is too much water?
  6. The best quote about watering is:
    "You can never water too much, only too often."
    Words of wisdom.;)
  7. I usually go two days in between waterings
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    okay so....

    im a litttle worried. hopefully for no reason tho... my plants still look like this:




    they have looked like this since 2/22, about a week ago. they have made no new progress since i put them in bigger pots. the broke soil 2/16 and had a nice first week of growth but then stopped after being transplanted. im just looking for some expert opinions please! they dont look dead or dying...

    any words of wisdom welcome!

    is this normal plant behavior?
  9. I wouldn't say it's normal. I would call it developmentally delayed.
    Is it possible your light isn't strong enough?
  10. its in shock bro.. just flush the plant and do move it into any other pot or dont mess with it. Just water with regular water.. Dont worry it will continue to grow :smoking:
  11. 15 W seems pretty low.

    I've seen ratings that a 65watt is kind of equal to a 200W , and a 126watt is equal to a 400.

    I would for sure look into boosting your lights, and how far is that light from the plant.

    With the LED's you have to get them RIGHT on top of the plant, like just a few inches..

    Good luck with your grow.

    There is a LOT of potential with the easy ryders. I have 5 going right now under a 400W HPS and 4 of the 5 are 35 inches tall, with the "shortest" being 27" with about 200 flower sites on it.
  12. my light is sort of high... ill lower it and see if it helps

    should i try adding a few CFL's into my set up? they seem like they dont put out very much heat at all, just a little warmth
  13. mmmm... today the larger of the two girls had some droopy ass leaves :( is it doomed?
  14. I would add the CFL's immediately.
    As far as drooping, it could be too wet or too dry.
    Put the lights right down on top of them, as close as possible without touching.
    Good luck!
    Have faith!
  15. the plant in question is most definately dead.... as much so as a door knob haha. :(

    however the smaller of the orginal two has perked up a lil qith the addition of a 90w CFL and a lowering of the 15w LED.

    ive also started another one to replace the dead one, just got it germinated this morning and in a solo cup.

    hoping for good things to come :hello:
  16. no update in a while...

    1 plant died, goodbye.

    planted 2 more now i got three

    240w of CFLS

    PICS the back one in the cup is not even 2 weeks old yet! that one got up like lightning

    also... if anyone got experience with easyryder or lowryder, when to nute and what to use??

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  17. They look good. The one on the right looks healthiest to me. They are stretching a bit. See if you can lower the light right down on top of them. Is that a 100W and a 140w cfl? How many lights? Can you make one per plant?

    Good luck! I'm tuned in and watching...;)
  18. one 90w and one 150w, i just moved them down to about 6-7inches above the top of the big pot, during the day time if im home i usually leave the tent open open and i have a fan blowing towards the open side to left it cool down so i figure that should keep it pretty balanced temp wise.

    the healthy looking one on the right was actually the littler bent stem plant from my earlier post, it really took a turn when i added more light. its almost 2 weeks older than the two in cups
  19. the big one got a bit droopy yesterday morning, i had previously watered it the night before so i thought it was too wet but the leaves are a little more droopy today and the soil is relatively dry. is it underwatering? should i give her some more to drink? ive been doing mostly geuss work on watering sched and amount
  20. If you watered last night, the soil won't need anything for two days still. Ya have to be patient, over-watering can easily kill your plants.

    Now that they're in 2 gallon pots, you can water with a lot of water -- up to the volume of the container, but that'd be overkill. Your pots drain, right? See how well a liter of water holds you over next time you water (in two days). Don't water again until the top inch is bone dry--just stick your finger down in the soil until your first knuckle. Don't water if it feels even the slightest bit wet. If it fails the bone dry test, don't even check it again for 24 hours.

    I over-watered the heck out of most of my unsuccessful grows--it's counterintuitive, but it's science.

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