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  1. well im working on starting my first perpetual ebb and flow setup. ive had maybe a half dozen other grows in soil and coco and ive got the basics (at least i think i do) bbut now im starting in on a whole new venture. ive had my veg table up and running for a few weeks under a digital 400W MH along side my mothers and clones. following gh flora series advanced feeding chart to a T right now with the seedling/early veg doses in there. water ph at 5.9 temp at 78f. room at 80f co2 1200 ppm 63% rh.
    just moved six queens from aero cloner to make seven plants on the veg table with the on green crack that was there already. 9 more assorted clones in cloner amnesia kush, green crack, black afgahni. amnesia and afghan moms doing well after most recent raping of clones and supercropping/fimming for more. ill toss up some pics this afternoon sorry if this is boring anyone but im kind of doing this just to take some personal notes on the grow. ill cross that bridge more when i get there but flowering will be 3 2x3 ebb tables 1800 w (3x600) hps air cooled with a/c and dehu running to climate controll.
  2. IMG_1481 (1).jpg
    queen moved to hydro 2-28
    green crack
    queens moved to hydro 31st or 1st
    1 green crack 7 amnesia kush 8 afghani black all unrooted cuttings still
    black afgahni starting to pop roots
    green crack
  3. GC is not 10"+ tall with 5 tops to be. probablly going to lst or scrog it to cover half a table while queens catch up.
    all the other clones i just tossed into the clone 10 days or less ago. 1 afghan and one amnesia starting to pop lil roots. that one clone of the green crack will go into coco to veg until i harvest this one then decide to continue strain or shit can and stick to what i know. also going to take a cut off one of the queens as they were cuts i got as a gift and dont have much info on genetics other than 60/40 ind/sat and do same as with green crack. my amnesia kush and black afghan mothers are recovering well from their last raping. almost too well i either need to start topping and fimming or make more clone sites soon here.
  4. IMG_7592 (1).jpg

    ingredients for my soup!!!:
  5. IMG_7784.jpg
    supercrop x5 on the green crack.
    just kinda doin what i can to keep her low while the queens try to catch up
  6. if anyone has some advice or input id love to hear it but plz dont hate guys im doin this journal for me to take notes and learn not to show off or get shit talked on
  7. could a mod please move my journal from indoor to hydroponic grow journals? id appreciate it so much im thinking ill be able to get the gems of wisdom i need there
  8. Was wondering how many plants you are putting on each table? And you said your wanting to do a scrog grow? I'm a big fan of what I've seen here with the scrog!
  9. thanks for the reply man!
    normally it will be 8 per table durring flowering. in a couple days when those clones root ill setup my other veg table as well.
    i was thinking of putting that green crack into a scrog and make it cover half a table so 4 of those queens can catch up. i just sepercropped the GC it today so if that doesnt give the queens a chance scrog will be my next option. wont noirmally be scrogging but since i have one plant thats ahead of the others by so much its lookinglike the best way to get an even canopy for flowering time.
  10. IMG_2255.jpg

    updated pics of my little queens today
  11. Looking good so far....I'm in the midst of trying to figure out my set up so I like to see what others got going. What's the size of your room and grow bags you got going there? Since you've had some past experience could you take a look at my thread in the aeroponics section? I'll be adding some designs later tonight to look at. Thanks
  12. ive never done aero for anything but cloning but id love to checkit out. can you send me a link to it at somepoint? im using 1 gallon smart pots filled with hydroton. the room im using is 10x11. i just ordered a 4x8 tent for my flower and a 5x5 for my clone/veg/mothers so once they get here and i set them up ill probably be ready to flower a tables worth. if you got any more questions about my grow or your setup feel free to ask ill be glad to respond with the best help i can.
  13. not posting here anymore guys dont know how to shut down thread butif you want to see the follow up follow the link in my sig

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