1st DXM Trip

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by ganjabus2417, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Well the night started off with me having to sneak out of my house at about 1240 because im grounded right now from my parents finding three bowls, my scale, and some other stuff but thats another story. I then went and picked up my friend and we were planning on just gettin fucked up basically. We had three percocets, two bottles of vicks 44 dry cough, and about a liter of bacardi. We parked in a parking lot and slammed the vicks and each ate a percocet. Then we just started driving around for a while until i started feeling super sick. I pulled the car over and puked my guts out for like five mins only to get interupted by my friend saying be quiet my dads calling. I instantly knew he was fucked and was gonna be in trouble for a long time since he has supre strict parents and gets in trouble a lot with them. I then had to take him home and put our alcohol in the spot that we stash it at. When i got out of the car to put the alcohol away was the first time that i realized i was fucked up. I could hardly walk and was super dizzy. I know i shouldnt have been driving, but that wasnt the plan and had no other choice. I then drove home and on my was into my house i saw my shadow in the woods in my backyard, The shadow seemed so strange and was just staring at my( obviosly right but it was just weird cause i was messed) so i started taunting it. After a couple mins of this i declared HA im going to go inside and you cant follow me haha. I then watched some tv where i realized i couldnt feel my feet for the most part and went ito bed a little bti after that. In bed was when my mind really started to wonder. I was seeing and hearing just super wierd things but was loving the expierence the whole time. I eventually fell asleep but sure had some messed up dreams.

    Overally besides my friend getting caught and the puking it was a wonderful night. I look forward to my next DXM trip.
  2. Dude, you say you shouldn't have been driving, yet you got into a car, downed some cough syrup, and continued to drive.

    Irresponsible. Either you haven't studied the effects of DXM at all, or you're just an ass.

    Be careful.
  3. Ok, i have done hours of research actually. Our plan was to go to a friends house in the time before the effects kick in, but then i puked and had to take my friend home and desided to go home myself. If things had gone according to plan i would have stopped driving long before i was really messed up.

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