1st DIY Cab/CFL fixture

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    Hey folks, to see my original post and compare the evolution of my cabinet, check http://forum.grasscity.com/general-indoor-growing/602945-diy-growcab-pics-input.html

    Otherwise, I'm going to keep this post updated instead.

    So I finally finished my DIY CFL fixture, and I must say I am quite impressed. My last step is to add my SCROG screen. I'm going to weed out one plant soon, and hopefully at least one of the two left ends up being female.


    Materials and costs:
    10' of 1" PVC pipe $1.56
    x3 Y splitters $7.50
    x3 Porcelain light sockets $6.25
    x2 Extension cords $3.00
    x4 1" pipe joints $1.00
    Electrical Tape $2.00
    Duct Tape $3.00
    Twine $2.00
    About $20 worth of CFLs.
    Screws, cans, etc. free.

    Total cost: Around $46-$50.

    As you can see, I opted to use empty cans for my reflector instead of paying for the sheet metal. I'm probably going to paint the inside surface flat white.


    My lights are a little crooked in this picture due to my tilting of the light. You get the idea though :smoking:


    My plants are really coming to life! I think I may have over watered the far right one however.


    I need to bring in more 6500k CFLs for vegging and remove all the cool whites until later.


    Since someone inquired about my ventilation, I'm using an 80mm desktop fan blowing on high right through the plants. My old xbox 360 fan gave out, so I'm going to have to buy another 80mm soon.


    Thanks for reading guys, I'll keep you updated!
  2. Interesting.. very interesting.
  3. +rep for ingenuity. I'm watching.
  4. Just gave them their first dose of light nutes today, can't wait to see how they respond.

    Will post pics if I see anything meaningful.

    Used a heavily diluted dose of 30-10-10 m-gro.
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    Wow... hope all that N doesn't burn your babies man.. I'd have emergency flush water on deck and id be pnoid.. lol

    If you have Mgro soil also i'd be cautious if it has time release nutes.
  6. Na no mg soil, I've read too many bad stories about that stuff.

    They seemed to enjoy the teeny tiny nute burst (I actually used way less than half power, it was more of an experiment than anything else).

    Except for the center plant, who seemed to enjoy it a bit much. Last night he was an inch or more from the center lights, I woke up to new growth AND the plant having it's leaves buried in the lights.

    So I've raised my CFL fixture a bit. Pics inc later.
  7. Like your light and recycling. They look healthy, good luck. +rep

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