1st Coco grow: 2400W LED, Powder Feeding

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  1. Hello everyone! [​IMG]
    This is my first grow journal. For various reasons I'm starting it a little late (2 weeks in flowering), but hey, it's better late than never.
    This is my first grow using COCO as a substrate, so I was bound to make some mistakes. There were some PH fluctuations in the vegetative stage due to uncalibrated PH meter, but everything seems far gone now [​IMG] .
    This is also the first time I am using Greenhouse Powder Feeding (I got the idea off a friend, whos plants were looking very healthy).
    I had a plan in my mind for some reason that I would use the Mother Plants one in veg and then switch to Hybrids, as my strains are mostly hybrids.
    The strange thing that I encountered is that , using the mother plants feed, the girls were kinda slowing down on growing at the end of the second month and just making their stems at the bottom more wide  ... or I was hallusinating maybe. However when I switched to the Hybrids feed and along with that switched the cycles - they exploded [​IMG]  and some grew like 20-25cm in 3 days.  Or maybe it was the pruning all alone...
    Overall the VEGETATION lasted 2 months and a bit.
    However for various reasons, the plants were in 1 liter pots for the first 3 weeks so that slowed down the growth.
    I also had deficiency issues in some plants, of different sorts and I always give them more time to heal. The issues slowly went away when I started feeding them with nutes EVERY OTHER TIME.
    Right now, I may have some Potassium deficiency on some Liberty Hazes. I think the PH of the last feeding was a little high   :huh:
    I will be grateful for every and any advice on the project! : )
    2m x 2m x 2m Buddha box
    8 x 300w Vipar LED panels (180w real usage), 3 watt Epiled diodes -  630nm -16pcs, 660nm -16pcs, 460nm -16pcs, 470nm -16pcs,  3500k -18pcs , 7500k -18pcs
    In a few days I will put 3 or 4 panels more in the less lit areas, just for fun : )
    1 Vents TT 150 extractor 520m3/h
    Carbon filter 600m3/h+
    Moving fan 30W
    50% Coco coir/ 50% Perlite,  presoaked in 1ml/l Calcium solution, RootIT sponges for the seeds, 11 liter PVC pots
    Greenhouse Powder Feeding - Mother plants (veg), Hybrids (flower) -  roughly 3 liters per plant   -  0.5g/l first 2-3 weeks in the pots, then 1g/l every other feeding. PH - 5.8 (3rd week flower).
    Every week 10 liters flush with PH water. Every week or so + 0,5ml/l Calcium.
    7 x Liberty Haze, 1 x Skywalker OG Kush, 4 x Cinderella 99, 2 x Critical Kush, 2 x THC Bomb
    Here are some pictures, will post some decent ones soon :
    Peace!  [​IMG]

  2. Looking killer dude. So many panels in there. I like it. 
    The pest problem I was suspecting was confirmed - SPIDER MITES !!!  :eek:  :angry:  :mad:
    They have spread moderately on the lower leaves, but it is not as bad as I thought.
    The picture shows one of the very bad spots.
    All plants were sprayed generously in and out with TRABE Oleatbio, an organic and non-toxic insecticide, which is very effective against red Spider, Thrips, Aphids, Whitefly and Scale insects.
    The spraying will be repeated in 5 days, and then maybe some more.
    Overall everything seems fine, the Potassium deficiency I spotted on some leaves has disappeared (for now).
    I have started to feed them every watering, from 2 days ago.
    Also, calibrated my PH meter and brought a EC meter to accurately increase the potency of the feed from currently EC 1.2 to 1.6.
    They will be flushed  good every 5 days. Hope I don't see signs of overfeeding.  ;)
    New pictures, still not hi-res :)

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