1st Coco coir indoor grow with cfl..need sim assistance

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  1. First time using coco, a lil confused on how to mix the soil for clones... Put in about 25% perlite.leaves are a lil droopy and stems are now dark purple... I stated feeding them light nutes that my roommate mixed for me...doesn't seem to go over well with the children... Any suggestions for nutes in coco
  2. Theres a forum section just on Coco grows. Pics would help. Also with coco you treat it more like a hydro grow when Ph`in water and or nute mix, also coco grows tend to need more calcium and magnesium. But if your PH is to high or low then that could also lock out calcium and or magnesium.
  3. I think my ph meter may be off from my last grow...I was doing hydro..but it still shows characteristics of magnesium deficiency...right?

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  4. Like mentioned if Ph is off it can be locking out magnesium so can to much calcium. I would start with getting your PH in the right range if it isnt. Check out the Coco section there are more knowlegable coco growers there. I had a problem with purple stems on a few plants and I used some extra Magical till the solid purple on the stems went away.

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  5. I got my ph meter calibrated, and I'm feeding them with mild nutes and some super thrive and wet betty spray...I am also giving them sunlight during the day but throwing them back in box with florescents right as dusk...is that okay to do? Does it shock the the plant at all?
  6. Not sure, I`m slowly acclimating the plants I have inside to outside for my summer grow and 6 are under a T5 HO light and the others are under flourescent lights but sofar havent seen any negative results. Just keep an eye out for bugs when bringing them back in and I would do it before dusk.

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