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  1. i bought a big outdoor plant like 3 weeks ago ( from the ground ) n it is finally out of transplant shock , so i decided to take a cutting out of it 2 try my 1st clone . i just stuck the clone in happy frog soil outdoors not in direct sunlight , i have no heating pad or humidity dome . i was just wondering if anybody could tell me if it looks like it should for being only 2 days old . i was assuming it would be much droopier ?


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  2. just came back out to see how its doing and it looks way droopier than earlier should i just keep waiting ?? any comments would help !! 

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  3. you dont have a humidity dome, God knows how you cut your stem. youre not using any growth hormones, you havent reduced leaf matter. so basically youre doing everything wrong and giving it no chance to survive. maybe you get lucky, 
    essentially, you are wasting your time.
    you should research.
  4. i actually cut the stem at a 45 angle n i split it down the middle a  bit so the roots can grow easier . obviously i know you have it put hormones on to clone it cant be as simple as stickin a leaf into soil i have root tech hormones actually . i just cut half of the leaves off this morning even tho it wasnt looking as droopy in the photo above . idk if you know what they say about assuming but ... lol 
  5. I assumed this is the first time youre cloning, and i pointed out obvious flaws looking at your pic.
    And If you had listed how you cloned before asking questions on how your clones doing, there would be no need to assume and youd get better answers.

    A clone takes 7-18 days to root. So in 2 days you will obviously see nothing but drooping....your question is pointless because its too early. Give her a week to 10 days before you inquire about her health.

    Cover her with a plastic bag, or humidity dome it. You are outdoors and clones need 90+ humidity.
  6. Ya i know what they say.... You beat me to it with the last line in your first post, which signifies the extent of your knowledge.
    Congrats! Have a lol on yourself.
  7. Wow dude nice way to be a jackass! How hard is it to help him out!

    Op hope all goes well
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    What are we...., looking for love here?

    I am obviously helping him out, albeit in a tough manner. Then again, why would i sugar coat anything on the web.

    My posts have definitely given him shit to add to his process, which will help him out loads more in the future than your lovely good luck wish.

    Go f^%# yourself.
    No....there is no go fuck yourself here..
    This is Gc, we do not allow disrespect. and we don't buy into this is the web be a ass attitude.
    So please try and be nice to the members..
  9. i was just assuming that was " clone 101 " i didnt find a need to imput my process on how i stuck it in the dirt . 1 thing led to another n i stuck it in the dirt lol so if any1 else has any real answers itll be much appreciated !!
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    ok man..no need for the bad vibes.,.we are all new at some point...
    dude she needs moisture.... cut a 20 oz pepsi bottle and put it over the top, spray her down..
    if she is going to survive that will help..
    use the search function, many cloning tutorials here...
  11. @[member="YODA"]

    Dude called me a jackass. My response was appropriate and censored.

    I wont take any disrespect either.
  12. oh alright thanks man i will get onto that once i can ! its just that i read in a couple posts that it can be done without a humidity dome n since it is just my first grow i thought i would keep it somewhat on a budget lol . but is there really a possibility of it not making it ??? :O
  13. Theres ALWAYS the possibilty it wont make it. If your cloning lives, you did ok. If it dies, you didnt do ok. I have used cloning powder once. The plant died. I have direct planted, not only cannabis but houseplants and vegetables, many many many times, every single one thrived and survived.


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