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  1. Alright this is my setup feel free to comment and criticize I am open to change and knowledge:

    FFOF soil
    File cabinet painted white inside
    4 light sockets mounted onto wooden plank
    3 18w 2700k CFLS
    2 chains to adjust height
    1 6" fan for circulation over plants

    I picked up 2 clones of some grape today [black buckets], I transplanted into black buckets when I got home and Ive had a bagseed seedling [tera cotta] which is only about 3 days old. Light schedule is 24/0 and I dont plan on giving nutes for about 3-4 weeks. Heat is still an issue cause I havent installed either intake or exhaust fans.

    Hopefully it will be a good grow
    Cant give exact temps til tomorrow when I buy thermometer

    And clone in red cup will be picked up tomorrow as well.

    Open to comments suggestions!!!


    outside of file cabinet:
    inside box
    View from the top
  2. Nice man. Lol that file cab looks like r2 d2 and night with the lights on. i like it :hello:
  3. haha thanks!
    it wasnt all the way closed in that pic
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  5. Hey! I was intrested in doing a file cabinet grow. How is yours coming along?

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