1st CFL Grow 2x Master Kush 1x Orange Kush

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  1. Day 1

    I finally got around to germinating my seeds. All three sprouted but I mishandled the orange kush and half the root broke off so I'm kind of disappointed about that. It still has about an inch and half left so I hope that's okay. The other two have three inch roots since I kind of forgot to check on them until after day ten.

    Most of my supplies were from the dollar store to keep my costs down. I figure that if I fuck this up then I won't be out hundreds of dollars. So this is what I got so far.

    3x Master Kush seeds 30
    3x Orange Kush seeds 15
    1x Miracle Grow soil 4
    8x Dixie cups 1
    3x Electrical extension cords 3
    4x 26Watt CFL's 5
    1x Timer 5
    8x Screws and Hooks 5
    3x Socket adapters 8

    Total so far - 76.00

    The girls are so small right now and my camera isn't that great so I won't bother posting pics right now. My goal is to keep cloning them again and again and keep the other three seeds on standby if I mess something up.

    More than likely, I am going to have to transplant the plants to an outdoor location that I've picked out and just keep the clones inside until they are ready to move outside. Basically keeping this process going until it is too late to keep planting outdoors.

    I still have to get a few more things like mylar, cloning gel, more CFL's, and so on.

    I'm growing in a closet that's in a spare bedroom. Unfortunately it has a big ass window so I had to cover that up with foam board to keep the light from coming in or out and a blanket to keep the heat in. Right now it's at a constant 68 degrees farenheit.

    Please feel free to make any comment or suggestions. Thanks to all the people that gave me advice.
  2. Okay I am back now with some pictures. I have some bad new and some good news. The bad news is that I found out that cats like to eat my new plants so now one of the girls is gone. The Orange Kush didn't survive after mishandling her root.

    But the last girl is doing well now. This is after I almost killed her by putting the CFL's really close to her. I read posts that said 4-6 inches is appropriate but she was really wilted after just two days of that treatment.

    Well now is really growing fast so I decided to finally post some pictures. She is in my closet with some other plants my girl wanted me to take care of. And my cat snuck in while I was taking pictures.


    The second timer is for a small space heater that I used when it got really cold.





    Now I'm off to get some cloning gel or powder. Wish me luck.
  3. Cool grow dude
    are you planning on getting a hood of some sort?
    it would really make use of the most watts possible
  4. your trying to clone leaves bro...wait about 5 week's then try cloning actual limb's...
    your just cutting leaves off at this point and you cant clone leaves..
  5. I had no idea. Thanks man.
  6. [​IMG]
    I finally got around to building a hood for my lights. It's just two pieces of sheet metal from home depot and some duct tape. Cutting it to size was a bitch though. The total for chains, hooks, and metal were all about $60.

    Finally starting to grow some new leaves.

    I don't know why those leaves were turning yellow and brown but I switched the pot and the soil and also added some more holes for drainage.

    Growing some other plants for my girl.

    Yes those are shrooms and I have no idea how they got there. They did die a few weeks later though.


    Honeywell air purifier. Best $50 I've spent so far.

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