1st Cabinet Grow (Help PlZ)

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  1. Decided to drop by and post my Journel.

    8 23w 6500k CFL's
    2 5" Exhaust fans w/ 12sq inch intake duct(No intake fan)

    I started off with jiffy organic germinated seed potting soil in the seed starter jiffy trays. Then I moved them to these bigger ones below which I filled with Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix. I used Miracle grow quick start planting & transplating starting solution for when i transplanted them. Supposably it helps prevent transplant shock.

    I have not tested the ph nor ppm or gave any neuts cause im unsure of how/what/when? I've tryed reading it and its alot of bullshit cause every site i read its dif. I know ph is suppose to be around 6.5 if im correct. PPM starts out at 400 but how do u check/raise/lower it. And neuts, I picked up Miracle-Grow Liquid Houseplant food which is 8-7-6 but come to find out I want something that is 15-5-5? And why are they not growing height there in a large enough area.

    Im extremely confused about them 4 things if anyone can help it would be insanely appreciated. FYI: Im near a several large citys with home depot/menards/lowes/etc.. etc..

    Front Left:

    Front Right:

    Back Right:


    Back Left:




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  3. PH around 6.5 is about right, that's what I've read a lot.

    I know nothing about the ppm, but with nutrients, start them off around the 3rd week from sprout or when you start to see small deficiencies. Start them around quarter strength I do believe. Check the directions on your nutrients, and see what it says. You'll want at least two different nutrients; one for Vegetating, and then one for flowering. You'll know if you have too much more not enough nutrients, your plant will tell you. Also, it seems that adding nutrients every other watering is the practice around here.

    Growing tall will come later, your plants look pretty young. They will grow with time. Of course, to keep them from stretching to far, keep your lights close, within 1"-2" from the get-go.

    Oh, here.
  4. Ill be posting pics tom afternoon but few questions..

    I can find the ph testers which im more worried about right now then anything. When I go to a store and ask for a substance to change ph levels of soil they have no clue.

    Nutrients/Fert same term? What NPK rating. I see tons of shit saying that your flowering npk needs to be higher then your veg but to much or to little can kill a plant can't it? So....?

    If someone can give me an idea of what im looking for or stear me in the right direction i'd greatly appreciate it. And NO i don't have 100$ to spend on special neuts/ferts

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