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1st Bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jake805, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. What up fellow stoners.
    Im buying my first bong. well actually me and 2 friends are buying our first bong. were each gonna pay about 125 each. but we also need a case so we want a bong for 200-300. i really want a roor or a gspot(dontknowifGspotaregood).
    Few questions. Do i need percs? do i neeed a ice catcher? if i dont have them what are the cons? does size matter;) whats pearls and all that. now i hit my friends bongs all the time. i just dont know the importance of a perc or a catcher
  2. Welcome to the city:wave:
    If you look right up top where it says user Cp 3rd option from the right is search. You can type in the kinds you are looking at and should be able to find lots of info on em? Plus just type in phrases and you can find info that way too. Hope that helps? I am not much of a bong smoker myself. I prefer paper and a good old fashioned toad.:)
  3. look in the gc shop :)
  4. I would advise agaisnt this if you're looking to drop some big money. Check out Aqua Lab Tech
  5. Okay but will ice hit fine or should I get a perc
  6. Go to the right forum (toking tools) and use the search. Lots of threads like this.
  7. Splitting an expensive bong sounds awfully troublesome as far as determining who gets to use it when, but as long as you have it figured out, I'd just go check out headshops and shop around. And if you're going for an expensive one, might as well go all out and find one with ash catchers and diffusers and other such bells and whistles, but they all just ultimately help to make hits smoother and cooler.
  8. This
    I've never understood people who share pipes. Seems kind of annoying, but "greedy" if not. I like my own pieces.

  9. If youre gonna post irrelevant pics at least make it funny
  10. Old memes are old

    Look I've been to 4chan too!
  11. When it's your 2beat Friends entering there senior year of high school and one friend decided to get his own apartment Which everyone stays at and as of now all of us are going to the same college. It works out we all share the same bubbler

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