1st Autoflowering Outdoor Grow

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  1. The 4 Auto-Flowering strains I will be using are:

    6 - Lowryder Diesel Ryder (Regular)
    2- Lowryder Easy Ryder AKA Lowryder #2 x AK47 (Feminized)
    2 -Delicious Seeds La Diva (Feminized)
    2 -Sweet Seeds Big Devil

    I am doing this outdoors on secured land and the main predators will be deer. I will be planting in containers instead of directly in the ground so that I can keep the plants watered better to their need (land can sometimes be kinda swampy at times). With that said, all of the plants sprouted in Solo cups. I am using my own organic blend of soil (with part of the recipe borrowed from a High Times article). I'll update regularly and try to get some pictures up shortly!
  2. 3 of the Diesel were males, but I want to keep them alive in a different area to get pollen. That means I have 2 of each of my four strains that are female plants except 3 diesel....I will try my best to get some pictures up on Saturday when I have the day off. I started these plants off inside for a week and a half in solo cups, but now, all of them have been transplanted to their final containers.....

    1 Diesel in 5gallon, 2 Diesel in 3.5 gallon
    1 Big devil in 5gallon 1 Big devil in 3.5 gallon
    1 AK-47 in 5gallon, 1 AK-47 in 3.5 gallon
    1 LaDiva in 5gal, 1 in 3.5gal

    The three Diesel males are in 1.5 gallon containers with some miracle grow organic soil...not too worried about them except to get pollen lol.
  3. Sounds good, man. I'll follow.:cool:
  4. Sounds Amazing, i will be following for sure cause im doing the same with 3 Short Ryder and 1 FEM. MI5... so keep it up :p_

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