1st autoflowering cfl grow

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  1. 1x Lowboldt - Feminized
    1x Afghan Kush Ryder - Feminized
    1x Lowryder #2 x AK47 - Feminized
    1x La Diva Automatic - Feminized
  2. ordered from wwms. on 9/11 still one week later and have not arived yet but i am very patiant. only going to germ one at a time dont know which to do first, ak has highest yield and has a fruity aroma, while la diva is a blueberry cross,the afghan is a mostly indica so the effect is really hard hitting ,and the lowbolt is said to have golfball sized nugs that are pungent and very sticky. So im lost for which of the ones i am to start first any suggestions?
  3. Hey there, hope the grow goes well for you :)

    If by germing one at a time you mean growing one at a time, then personally, I would check the seed guide where you bought them from and choose the 'easiest' one to grow as your first plant, if thay don't have a grow guide then choose the one with the lowest yield, or your least favourite first, best to hone your growing skills first and save the best to last :D Those four seeds, if grown 1 at a time will prob last you a year.
  4. yeah well each one has a life span of 8-9 weeks seed to bud. so at the last two weeks of life of one plant i will start another so when one is down the next will aready start flowering and so one so im thinking they will last around 7 months and by that time i will chose a short early flowering indica after i get my practice in.
  5. the startup is in a home made cabinet painted flat white, four CFLs @ 100wts , m-grow organic soil 3/4 with 1/4 perlite mixed and 1/2 - 3/4 inch perlite at the bottom of pot.
    each light clamp (2) has socket spliters so each clamp can hold 2 CFLs at a 45* angle, circulation fan, temp/humid guage . will start in one pot and stay to minimize stresse and start in soil. if there is anyone with any ideas let me know

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