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    Greetings and thanks for any info...
    First time grow of autoflowering plants (Sweet Cream Caramel automatics, feminized, 65 day cycle), started by seed of course (all three popped, from Single Seed seed bank, kuddos to them), started in rockwool which I have never used, in a 6 gallon deepwater bubble system (stealth hydro), RO water, using hyperion with the rockwool sitting on the feed tube as recommended, running a 150hps and two 65watt (300 watt equvalent) CFLs in proper light range (so plenty of light for 3 plants), running 20hrs on 4 off. Seedlings up in 3 days, now 10 days since sprouting. Started 1/4-1/3 nute strength 2 days ago, using Technaflora Recipe for Success system, following their guidelines at lower strength, monitoring with ppm pen and calibrated ph pen. Plants look good so far, into their 2nd full set of leaves after the baby leaves. Roots beginning to exit the bottom of the baskets.

    Questions: 1) my ph keeps rising and I'm having to down it every day, even twice a day to keep it between 5.8 and 6.2. I've read that rockwool can cause ph problems; is this the likely culprit and if so is this expected to continue? I did not soak the rockwool over night, only about 15 min in RO water. Suggested remedies for now or in the future (example "That's why I soak them overnight..." or "I use such n such medium instead" etc) are appreciated.

    2) Concerns about rockwool. Makes sense that pot is not grown in a swamp... will the rockwool cause rotting with the constant watering that the system provides? Would I be better off putting the pumps on a timer for 15 minutes a few times a day?

    3) I also note that my ppm levels keep rising as well. Started off at 348 (about a quarter of the 1100ppm level Technaflora mix supplies) and now they are at 562. I have added no new nutes, but have added about a gallon of water and ph adjustment powders. While my equipment was cleaned from the last grow, it could be left overs but am wondering, and I am concerned my nute levels could go too high w/ these young girls. Suggestions or observations please. Should I drop the water level, add some RO water or just leave it?

    4) When should I start to increase the nutes, and do you guys go up in stages (like 1/4-1/3 strength for x number of weeks, then 1/2, then 3/4, then full?). Consider that I will be switching at some point to bloom nutes, which brings me to my final question...

    5) when should I switch to bloom nutes with this autoflowering plant? Having never grown an autoflower, I have little clue.

    Thanks as always. Hope I've been clear and easy to understand. BTW, again a very positive experience obtaining seeds from Worldwide M seeds.com... fast and stealthful ship, exactly as ordered, and so far 3 for 3 growth for someone who has never grown from seed before... just an fyi.
  2. Really cant help as I dont use rockwool but I just bought some Sensi Bloom A+B and they say it keeps your PH perfect so you never have to do anything to it ever and you no longer need RO water just tap. Thismay ormay not help you out I just grew tired of having to PH myself as I have 4 grow rooms nowand it was too much to do every day.
  3. I use the whole Technaflora line for my plants. I rarely have the adjust my PH if the water PH isn't to wild before you add nutes. You should visit the website and read the FAQ.

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