1st attempt using 300 watt CFL w/ ballast Male or Female

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am new to the indoor growing scene and grass city but have done some growing research on this site. GREAT TIPS and info. I currently have 2 plants growing one in vegative stage another in flowering stage. I am using a spare room with a semi big walk in type closet with 2 sliding doors. Currently in closet i have the flowering plant under 1x ballast using 300 watt CFL and a 150 watt CLF on side. It is currently about 2ft tall and flowering but appears to be male i will post pics to see if anyone can help me determine its sex and wether i should keep it or kill it cus i dont want pollen in closet due to my other plant needing to be moved in closet onces its ready to enter 12/12.At one point grow box was in closet so some light might have leaked but i moved it now.
    My other plant is from a supposed white widow seed. Its in vegative stage under 150 watt CFL w/ Ballast. Currently under 18/6 timer. About 1ft tall in a home made grow box set on opposite side of room near AC vent, I know some light leaks but when i shut door from closet for Flowering stage plant appears to be pitch black in closet now that i moved grow box to opposide side of room. but i do know of some instances when i first started that light did shine on it. So what my questions is if my flowering plant is male or female and if male should i bother going thru harvest to get the feel for process and odor and harvest or just murder it and wait for Vegative stage plant to try and see what that sex is. Pls help if there is any other factors or details i can provide to get help le:wave:t me know . PICS UP

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  2. do you see how the internodes have testicles? you have a male there.
  3. Lol damn i figured. So is THC good or do you recommend i kill it and hope other is female. Because i heard if male pollinates, the pollin will stay on walls of closet and could contaminate closet for further 12/12ers. Thanks for help Bud


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