1st attempt at growing...seedlings keep getting stunned!!

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    hello all and thanks in advance for any info!!

    1st off i know i need to get some pics up and will soon, but thought i would see what i get without them 1st.

    2x4 tent
    400 switchable MH/HPS vented.
    small 4x4 square pots.
    humidifier and heater for colder nights when lights are off.
    FFLW and FFLW 50/50.
    ph at 1st tested with drop kit, just got a hanna meter last week!!

    ok lets get started...

    i dropped a bunch on money on this and had bad luck thus far. I am on my 2 batch trying to get this nailed. 1st batch started out fine and looked great until about the 3rd set of true leaves. then the tips started to yellow/white and progress down the leaves. basically over time as you know they dry and die. i have some from my 1st batch that are stunned at about the 4th node. i have tried every thing i have read about and could think of.

    now i have 6 new ones that just started to breach. purple sour diesel and white russian D. oh and one bag seed just for kicks.

    1st batch mostly trashed now. used tap water that set out for a day or so. watered with PH drop kit showing 6.5 (which after i got my meter the same measurement on meter was 7.2). WTF seems a lil inaccurate to me...lol the drops that is.

    2nd batch again started out great till the 2nd leaves started to show and the yellowing came back..WTF. some are about dried up and dead. 1st couple of waters on 2nd batch was tap, but then switch to distilled. PH is exact with meter at 6.5 to 6.8. still no change!! and calibrated it everytime for the 1st couple waters to make sure it was still accurate.

    so....i shut off the HID lamp and got 3 100 CFLs for start this 3rd batch on and see if the light was the cause. I started out having lamp about 24inches with MH bulb, then moved up even higher thinking it was too close. nada, no changes!!! thought i over watered so let soil dry out a good bit.
    no nutes at all on 2nd batch. on 1st batch watered once with 1/4 nutes, but only after issue started. kinda troubleshooting i guess but that just burned them even more. guess thats the geek in me to start a process of elimination. that has not proved to work in this element. ;-)

    any input would be great and yes i know i need to put up some pics and will when i find time. being in the IT field and working a lot along with this issue is rather time consuming!!

    again thanks to all that may help!!

    sincerely utterly frustrate newbie!!! :D
  2. as you know, pics are really helpful.

    is this the first time you are growing in this tent? What brand is the grow tent?
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    you know im not even sure of the brand on the tent. didnt want to order anything online so got it from the only hydro store in my area. i know some had issues with the inner lining. from what the owner said this brand was not one of those, but then again im not sure he could have BS'd me.
    oh and yes this is my 1st time in this tent.

    it looks like nute burn but i never added nutes on these. i did on some after this started thinking it was a nute def, but the FFOF has nutes already in it. some of these are from 1st batch and are older and stunned with little to no growth.


    below is from 1st batch and they started out strong and took a fast turn down hill about 2 weeks in.

  4. Thats hurts me looking at that >_<

    Such potential.

    Im not too sure what the problem could be.
  5. tell me about it!! been hurting me for over a month..lol i am at such a loss atr this point. i think im doing everything right and just cant seem to get it. i made a bubble bucket to try and dif medium. waiting on seeds to crack then putting in rockwool until their ready for the bucket. i wont give up until i get it right!!

    if you come up with anything let me know.

  6. Will do.

    Have you checked your soils ph?
  7. soil yes i have with a test kit which ive come not to trust all that much..lol that showed ph around 7 or less and my run off with meter showed 6.5.
  8. man.. that really looks like the off gassing issues i had with my tent. I don't want to jump to conclusions though.

    is there anyway you could take one of them into a closet or a box with a small flouro light.. just to see if it outgrows the ones in the tent?.. you should know within a few days or so.

    anyway.. what type of soil and what type of ferts have you given?
  9. Just a thought, where are you getting your water ?
  10. max11max

    my 1st batch was tap water that set out for a few days. 2nd batch 1st 2 waters tap that set out then changed to distilled thinking maybe that was the issue and those started to get bad faster than the tap water did.


    im not sure on the brand i will call the store and find out. was told it wasnt one that had the gas issue but who knows maybe i was BS'd..lol
    was thinking about trying to move one into a dif space but my closets are kinda cold. that is a good idea and may try it on one with a 100watt CFL. if thats the case im gunna rip that guys head off!! lol wasted many many hours on trying yo figure out WTF is going on.
    ive gone through about every damn thing i can think of.

    thanks for the replies
  11. I would take the advice as soon as possible and move a plant out of the tent.

    Everything looks good honestly,Ive never used a tent and Ive never faced these problems.
    So im thinking the tent.
  12. yup im going to move one out tomorrow. have to head to work now but may move one tonight and see of thats the issue. ill keep everyone posted and any one else please feel free to keep the input coming!!!

    thanks all

  13. Don't use distilled water. Its doesn't have the minerals that promote plant growth. Try natural spring water in gallon jugs and either repot with FoxFarm oceanic soil (or w/e its called) or get some natural soil fertilizer, which FoxFarm also makes. I'd also take a chop stick and make some air-a-tion holes in the soil to promote root growth. i'm not sure what kind of bulb you're using but i'd have at least two 24" florescent ones in there about 6 inches form the tops. Hope something helps.
  14. thanks for the tips folks and ill be moving one that just breached out of the tent under a 100watt CFL and see what happens. i shall return hopefully with better news and pics.

    im really running out of troubleshooting options here as ive gone through about every thing except taking one out of the tent.

    i have them in FFOF and FFLW 50/50 mix. i also tried another organic soil and that made no dif at all. 1st batch thought the FFOF was too hot but dont think thats it either.

    at a complete loss for words and things to do at this point, but lets hope it maybe be a gas issue with the tent.
  15. ok everyone i moved all my 3rd batch to a closet to see if then tent has the gasoff issue. i will be calling the store to find out the brand tomorrow. no circulation in the closet though. it has high ceilings though so ill open the door every now and then. cant leave it open my animals loe to eat my plants. if the air seems stagnant then ill put a fan in there but had to put a heater to keep it warm.

    so only time will tell. if this round takes off im taking that damn tent BACK!!! i will let everyone know the brand and not to buy it if thats what it turns out to be.

    keep your fingers crossed for me. i have a good feeling that might be it since NOTHING and i mean NOTHING has made any kind of difference yet. only other thing i hadnt tried is new seeds. maybe bad genetics in these seeds??

    who knows....stay tuned and lets see whats happens.

  16. *Crosses fingers* :D
  17. oh and one more thing that makes me think its a gas-off issue from tent is my 1st batch light was on 18/6 and plants didnt get jacked till about the 3rd set of leaves. then it started getting pretty cold so i starting leaving light on 24/7 and my 2nd batch started to get jacked at the 2nd end of leaves. so to me it seems like its a gas-0ff PCV issue from the tent.

    AugustWest thanks for reminding me about that man. i didnt think much about since the dude at the store said "oh these never had that issue was just hydrohuts" yes i did ask before i bought it and should have known better with the white lining IE PCV shit!!!!

    anyway we shall see!!!
  18. thanks Smokey-eyes77
  19. well well...i found out the model and go figure its a hydrohut with the white lining. hydrohut is the 1st company to admit there is an issue and read they are replacing those tents with the newer silver lining model. i have emailed them and waiting on a reply.

    they better give me a NEW tent!!! i didnt think it was a hydrohut but it has no branded tag on it. so didnt know until i called the store!! WTF a lot of time and money wasted.
  20. Just to let you know, I've had seedlings that were burned with straight FFOF, nothing else added. It burns some seedlings. You shouldn't have the problem if you cut with like 1/3 perlite.

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