1st attempt at an outdoor grow in Canada (problems)

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  1. Hello everyone beginner grower here in northern Canada with 4 indoor grows and 2 breeding runs indoors under my belt . This run I had a few extra plants so I decided to throw them outside and see what they could do in 3 gallon pots on the deck. The weather has been terrible the last few weeks with tons of rain and storms and cloudy days. I have only fed the plants nutrients about twice since they have been outside and havent really had to water them because of the excessive rain. The temperatures here are jumping from about 24° celcius day time to 9° celcius night time it's usually alot warmer here around this time.

    Anyways I went out and checked the plants out today and one of the plants was kind of loose and floppy where the stalk comes out of the soil and is all white and brown and it looks like there may be algae or some green tinge to the soil. Does anyone know what this is or what's happening is this what people refer to as damping-off? Or is this some crazy fungus attacking the plant the other two plants at the base are fine, they have the white bumps that would turn into roots if buried deep enough and are still solid. First two pictures are the plant in question any advice would be appreciated!

    20190819_122151.jpg 20190819_122158.jpg 20190819_122204.jpg 20190819_122208.jpg
  2. I'm not 100% sure but seems root bound or root rot... bad time of year to transplant but lift the worst one out and see for yourself... when there's an imbalance of anything transplanting into fresh soil fixes a lot of issue.

    Green algae most likely soil was damp for too long

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  3. They are definately rootbound lol they have been in those containers for about a month but I didnt think rootbound could destroy the base of a plant like that. Definately over watered from the rain too, I went out the other day to run them to shed when rain started and the 2 other ones had drinken almost all the water in the pots were pretty light like I wanted then the one with the white and brown stem was still super heavy like it wasnt drinking anything anymore the sun is out right now so hopefully that helps dry them then I will hit them with some nutrients. That middle picture plant actually loves the rain and is thriving besides insect damage and a nute deficiency because rain keeps flushing them, but it seems like the sativa is handling it better then the indica dominants. They are going all purple and yellow and look droopy from the water.

    I have a couple bags of soil and some 5 gallon buckets I could probably transplant them into. Ya it's pretty late to transplant I think they will start to flower later this month like last summer. Is there anyway I can get the algae out of it without transplanting flushing probably wont work lol more water.i would bring them inside but I would probably infest my indoor plants and I definately dont want to go through that again.
  4. I would assume some aren't drinking due to your root problem. If you dont get this sorted out soon they will die.. transplant then into those 5 gallons they will return in kind

    Dont mess around adding anything else then ph water for 1 to 2 weeks. They will bounce back
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  5. Thanks for the advice man. The weather is getting a bit better no more rain this week it looks like mostly cloudy days though. I will transfer those to 5 gallon buckets tomorrow with the fresh soil bag moist should help it dry a bit I hope. The sativa today drank all the water in the pot almost and the indicas are still droopy but still have a decent amount of water in the soil. I havent been giving them nutes they have just been getting washed away in the rain but I'm going to be more on the ball and check the weather and run them inside the shed when rain is predicted. They are also about to start flowering in about a week or two according to my sunset sunrise calendar if outdoors plant start flowering at 14 light 10 dark like I have been reading. It sounds about right I had some outdoors last year they started flower late August and brought them inside once I got a tent. Il stick to ph water for a bit on these plants till I know for sure they are flowering then I will start feeding them again. No more rain water.

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