1st Attempt: 12 Plant 1200w 4'x6' SCROG Unknown Strain

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    Hey all - I've been lurkin around here for a while now learning and helping where i could.. Mostly learning :D

    Right now i'm running 18 seedlings in FFOF soil with PH'd water and 250w MH, that's it. The room is 78* at night and 85* during the day. I'm not sure the humidity as of right now, but will be getting a meter soon.

    Next will be into their 3 gallon pots under 1200w HPS on 24/0

    I'll be filling up the screen to about 70% Then switching to 12/12

    We'll see how it goes from there!

    I also have botanicare (I think?) BLOOM ready for the switch.

    Here are the seedlings 7 days from the start of the germ process:


    Aaand here they are at 11 days:


    They look good to me! These guy are growing nicely and have great color/stature. They seem to have stopped stretching and most of their growth is showing width wise. What do you guys think? The plants are actually at 12 days now, and are even a tad bit bigger than pictured.

    I've been watering every 3-4 days - seems to be the right amount of time in between for now.

    BTW the plants in the back are two guys (hopefully not) we brought from outside (started them a while ago) We figured they'd be better off in the veg room anyway.

    Here's the light (haha)


    Keep in touch! I'll be posting up pics quite often i imagine, as i'm semi-obsessed.... :wave: :D
  2. Here they are at day 13 - I watered last night.


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