1st AK47 grow. CFL and DWC

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by wetcatcarl, May 23, 2010.

  1. I just got my clones of AK 47. They were ready a bit faster then i planned on so things arent fully in place. Im going to be doing hydro in a DWC 5 gallon. There are 3 plants and ill be doing 3 different buckets. I was thinking of doing 2 in a big 18 gallon plastic tote and the 3rd being in a bucket and use as a mother. For nutrients im using Ionic Grow and Boost. Lighting is 225ish watts of CFLs. Its like 20,000 lumens total. I know HPS would be a lot better but due to money and the extras thats not available now. Ill post pictures as soon as everything gets rollin on the closet. The plants are looking ok. I hope everything goes good with this grow.
  2. Hey man, good luck with the grow. :)

    I use the ionic range and really like them. :wave:
  3. yea my last grow was bagseed and was hermie. everything went really well besides a few minor problems. everything was worked out good. too bad it was a hermie. hopefully this one grows like the last but even better.
  4. ill have pictures up in a little bit. getting some white poly up.

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