1st actual grow indoors. need help!

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  1. Ive got two plants flowering under 2 x 42watt 2700k and 1 27watt 6500k. vegged on a window sil for two and a half weeks only one week two days in to flowering. Their only about 9 inches long. just started getting really strong and healthy, went with lst. I dont think they were mature enough to go into flowering b/c they are just starting to develop pre flowers and i had no forced air currents during vegg so they were flimsy before flowering, started from seed from a bag of mid-grade. Thick and heavy fan leaves, i think its indica. Im using miracle grow potting soil for cactus and citrus and adding a 5-1-1. Are my nutes and medium ok ? And how much longer to actually determine sex? u can see some pistils in the pics.

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  2. ur picks r not good enuff 2 c eney thing
  3. johneym1 ^^ = the correct answer.

    @ OP, .. Any chance of some better pics, .. I would be happy ta help @ that point .. ..

    And fast as in 12/12 they just need it.:)
  4. i wish i could only got a camera phone

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