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  1. this is my 1st time growing outdoors and i decided to use mid seeds right now and i think im bout a month in . i have 4 plants in the one soil pot for right now ... any suggestions on what i should do when i find out when the males/females pop up ? will keep updated pictures ...

    Started Grow: 2/28/12


    Updated Today: 3/26/12

  2. Planting those so close might make the roots tangle
  3. any suggestion ?
  4. Separate them now into there own pot. Good Luck
  5. yes, DEF put them in they're own pot ASAP
  6. thank you ... will keep you guys updated ... thanks for the info.
  7. whats the best way i can separate the plants so i can transplant them without the roots or plant getting damaged ?
  8. shit they got pretty big it might be hard to separate them now.
  9. what should i do guys?? suggestions????
  10. get soem clean scissors trim wat u have to to untangle, transplant.
  11. The only thing you can do is pack the soil down and flip the pot over so the soil stay and break the soil apart carefully so you can see the roots and hope to god they are tangled already. And remember plant them in the same brand soil as before. Never use different kind of soil that shocks them horribly bad. Good luck man hope this makes sense lol

  12. makes alot of sense will do this tommorow ... appreciate the help.
  13. No prob man good luck with it. Trust me man once you see your first grow youll be amazed at how awesome they are when growing.
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    transplanted my plants ...proubly one of the hardest things to do when skeeters are eatin u alive out there ... will post pictures this weekend if they didnt die. So can someone tell me why you cant put 1 or more plants into one pot at a time ?:confused:
  15. Those look insanely small for plants that are 4~ weeks old

  16. because the roots get all entangled then it cuts off growth, eventually the plant will stunt and then die
  17. Yeah mine is 4 weeks and a foot tall and 16" wide.
  18. Yeah man gotta love those mosquitos :rolleyes:. Get some OFF! bugspray or if you have the time and resources just stand by a wood fire and let that smoke saturate your clothes. I know it sounds wierd but it keeps them away rather well.
  19. 4/3/12 Update: after transplanting my plants .


    -Lighter looking leaves on the bottom, havent seen much growth since i moved them. Might think my plants could of died, how can i officially know
    they died ?


    - Skinny and the tallest one i have .... (not good)


    - Very small ...


    - Another Very Very Small Plant ... I already have new germinated seeds
    and just a some chronic seeds , not too sure on the strain but definitely
    ready to plant them once i get the go on that these ones are dead .

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  20. They aren't dead just shocked from the transplant. It takes about 2 days for them to start growing again from when I transplant but you had to touch all the roots to untangle. Hopefully about 4 to 5 days for them to start growing again. When they start to die the leafs will curl up and begin to turn yellow and i dont know to me it looks like the plant shrinks a little but this just what I have learned.

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