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    Life. A long series of decisions. 1's and 0's. You either 1 up(1), or nothing(0). Decision after decision. There are no two's or negative numbers. Just 1's and 0's. Nothing more than 1's because there is nothing more than 1. 2 is two 1's, and 50 is fifty 1's. Nothing less than 0 because, no matter what, you can't subtract experience. What is done is done. You either make the better decision(1) and move to the next choice, or you pick the other one(0) and gain nothing. Just like a test, those same choices may come up again down the line disguised as something else, but if you truly know what you're doing, you'll pick the right answer. For the purpose of growth.

    Something doesn't come from nothing. Nothing makes no sense because there is a something. A 1. A 1 that has nothing to do except expand and grow. What is is important because it's what is. What isn't is important as well, because it is the food for the is, creating growth.

    Don't know where the hell I'm going with this, but I never do anyway. Just thinking as usual.
  2. life is binary code?

    i can dig it
  3. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOn_ySghN2Y]Futurama - Ones and Zeros - YouTube[/ame]
  4. what if you make a decision and something intervenes and changes it to something completely different...say a "3"?
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    It sounds like you kind of contradicted yourself lol, or at least over-complicated. What's the point in even saying 0, when all there is, is what there is, i.e. 1. If 0 is nothing then it's irrelevant.

    This is why the question of freewill and whether or not you're making these "decisions" is also irrelevant. What matters in terms of reality is what you do, not why you do it.
  6. Aye, this concept has been important to me lately as well. It seems that the only room for existence is between two poles, no matter how you look at it.

    I even made a song about this not too long ago.
  7. It's funny because our senses basically run by binary also.. Atoms and frequencies are like code to our bodies that are transferred into pure energy containing "binary" data.
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    If there's something(1), there has to be something that is not(0). Everything starts with some sort of thought. Think about art. Not copycat art, but pure creativity. There's this idea of what isn't, but you make it so now it is. You took an idea and made it reality. You created what is, by thinking of what wasn't. Expansion.

    And for the second part, I don't remember inquiring about freewill, but you see what you do, but there's always a reason as to why you do it. You could either do it, or not do it. Everything is a decision

    There are no 3's. just 1's and 0's. A 3 is just three 1's. We created the number 3.
  9. No its more like do(1) or dont(0)
  10. Yea that's what I was saying. But even if you don't do something. you're doing something, because you made the decision to not do something
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    Then what was the point of saying:

    and then saying

    And I mentioned freewill because you were talking about people's DECISIONS and it's relation to binary, and how your conclusion of "what's done is done" negates the relevance of "decisions" in reality; only actions count.
  12. yea I get binary I was saying what would an outside factor be considered?
  13. Uh, I think three 1's is actually 7. A 3 is actually two 1's.
  14. I said something doesn't come from nothing regarding the universe. I was gonna say "In the beginning, there was a something that grew from all the nothing",but saying "In the beginning" makes no sense, since it was always there. All these words that have something to do with time make no sense when talking about the universe.

    The meaning to the second thing you quoted is

    When I say "what's done is done" I don't mean what's done was already done, I mean there is no taking it back.
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    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JqgNQjJX8s]Tesla signs - YouTube[/ame]

    (Sorry OP. No offence brotha! Just havin some fun)

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