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  1. :D Greetings fellow tokers.
    I want to start by saying THANK YOU to all who have posted. The information I have gathered here has enabled me to get 1 step closer to self sufficiency. As I type this I am smoking a blunt laced with Honey oil that I made today thanks to the multitude of 'How-to's available here in GC.
    I know this will seem short and abreviated, but it was my first grow, and I'm now on my 3rd. I used the BARE necesities for the first grow and towards the end I acquired more equipmen that made an ENORMOUS difference in my 2nd harvest. I just wanted to share this with anyone who may be skeptical about growing, to show them that it is pretty easy to grow with the bare necssities so long as you do your homework. I do have some questions and concerns that I will address at the end.

    Here goes my first bagseed grow.
    Bag seed x2
    Foxfarm soil
    6x32W and 6x40W floro's (didn't use them all) 2700k's and 6500k's
    1x 315W Floro SunCatcher (1x105W 3000k, 1x105W 4000k, 1x105W 5000K) Only used during last few weeks of flower for first grow, used for entire second grow
    8x4 closet
    FoxFarm Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom
    Some Superthrive
    32x22x22 Cabinet
    Tap water (I did not PH the water during my first grow)
    Rain water was used for second grow

    SO after reading through the forums for 2 months and gathering info and supplies, I began my grow. I germinated 2 bagseeds in tupperware, put them in cups when the tap roots emerged and then transferred to pots after about 3 weeks. I vegetated for 2 months and LST'd throughout veg.:hello:

    Between both plants I had 11 colas thanks to LST'ing. At about 100 days into flower, when most all trichs were amber, I yanked them. I hung them in a closet for 3 days to dry, then put them in a mason jar to cure. All in all my first grow yielded 2 dry ounces from 2 plants under a combined average of about 210W of floro's during the 1rst 3/4 of the grow, then I acquired the 315 Floro suncatcher during last few weeks.
    Both pots were in an open cabinet measuring 32x22x22, the cabinet was located within a 4x8 closet.
    What really blew my mind was at how much better the weed smelled and tasted, and the high was definitely better than the weed it came from. I also realized that the yield was very low, but considering I had done the minimum, and I just wanted to see if I could grow it successfully, it was an ok harvest for a first timer, I think LOL.

    By the time I harvested my 1rst 2 plants I had acquired 2x400W HPS lamps, I also completey covered the grow area in mylar, so the plants enjoyed better conditions in it's last week of life. ANd the grow area was now ready for my next endeavor.

    As for my second grow, again 2 plants, veged under floro's for about 2 weeks (I kept it real short)then flowered under 400W HPS for 9 weeks, I harvested 1 so far, the other is taking longer. Second time around I PH'ed the water, and only use rainwater. No more tap. I also used the Nutes sparingly throughout my second grow. The funny thing on the second grow was that I did NOT LST, I wanted to see it grow naturally. The plant I harvested was short, and had a MASSIVE COLA, 5 ounces wet when harvested. The other plant I haven't harvested yet is much taller than the one harvested! It was a headache because I ended up having to use my second 400W HPS. So each plant had it's own 400W HPS throughout because of the size difference

    Here's the thing, I put the cola in a cardboard box to dry it out instead of hanging it, stupid me I think. Next day when I checked it, I noticed that the cardboard under the cola was wet. I picked it up and where it layed was a wet spot, The cola was all wet and gooey where it was in contact with the cardboard. I suppose that the cola was so big that where it layed against the cardboard it wasn't getting enough air, had I hung it upside down this may not have been an issue. Needless to say when I looked closer I noticd a small white spot. I began to pull the cola apart at the white spot and saw some mildew. I immediately began to pull the enire cola apart, seperating each nugget, it was all wet inside, and I was afraid the mildew would spread. It was only a very small spot at the bottom of the cola, the rest, after being pulled apart was wet, but no signs of mildew. I layed it all out leaving plenty of space between the nuggets and checked it frequently, turning the nugs over to allow them all to dry. I had already seperated all the mildewy weed to a seperate box to dry out. The rest has been drying out and as soon as it's crunchy I'm putting in mason jars to cure.
    In a day or so I'm harvesting the last plant and won't make the same mistake, I hope.
    My question is, (the plant is picture 3 and 4) the plant is tall and thick with bud, the cola is about 24 inches high and several inches thick, I suppose if the short one weighed 5 ounces wet, and this one is much taller and almost as thick, it will pobably weigh in at 6-8 ounces wet, when I cut the plant, should I cut it into shorter pieces and hang them to dry? OR should I leave it whole and allow it to hang in 1 big piece to dry?

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  2. 1x 315W Floro SunCatcher (1x105W 3000k, 1x105W 4000k, 1x105W 5000K)

    can i get a link to this ?
    what is it ?
    did u make it yourself?
  3. Sorry, I was baked when I was typing that. I used a 315W MultiSpectrum CFL Bank with a hood.

    They work great. I made a Germination/Vegetation Box out of the 32x22 cabinet and attached this to the top of it. It's perfect, it is at a perfect distance for germing and veging, I am having trouble cooling the box, but have added 4 server fans to exhaust heat, I placed the fans directly behind the 315W floros. I also lined the entire inside of the box with mylar. And used a sheet of mylar to cover the opening, I pull them back like a curtain to work on the inside.

    Right now I have A jiffy box with a bunch of germinated seeds in rockwool with 1 32W CFL directly over it. I also have an old AEROGARDEN unit that I'm using to germ some seeds for a Bubbleponics system that I'm gearing up. I'm doing both soil and hydro this time around.:hello:

  4. maaaaaaaan, i may make my own.
    looks easy enough.
    i can use the reflector i want, i can use the lights i want, ect.

    just need to find out how to wire all the lights together without setting my house on fire.

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