1r0n1ungs Grow Diary [Pix!]

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  1. So I have decided to write my adventures, so here goes. Any input would be greatly Appreciated!

    ~ 2x8 closet, using about half of it now
    ~ 3x 40w grow cfl's
    ~ 2x 65w Spot Grows

    Really the only special specs now. Here is equipment pictures, next post will be plant shots.

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  2. Okay here are some plant shots and overall growroom shots. Again, any input is appreciated.
    ~ They were planted 4-18, so theyve been in the ground for a week, and been vegging about 5 days now, they look like they're comming along great! One looks droopy though, am i under/over watering it? ~

    These are pictures of Plant One with some overall setup pictures

    Anyone see how drooopy it is?

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  3. Here are pictures of the second plant, curled 2nd set of fan leaves, this a bad sign or just different growing patterns than the other.

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  4. Lookin pretty good man..keep us posted
  5. get a fan on those babies :) and more light
  6. OH MY OH MY LOSE THE SPOT GROW.... Incandescent lights WILL NOT WORK...... keep the flouro maybe add 2 more or 3-4 CFLs and you will be good..... Daylight or warm white are the best...... and you are going to start running into over fert problems very shortly w/ that miracle grow soil .... plants look good right now but that is what I see off the bat.... Good Luck

    edit: One more thing I can't tell from your pics but how far away is your flouro from the top of your babies? w/ the tubes it can nearly touch the fan leaves and w/ CFLs it can be 2-3 in away
  7. They are about 2 inches away already, 3x 40w cfl's isnt enough for 2 plants? Its about 45 dollars for a dual cfl setup, and ill prolly put one more in there and call it untill I get a 400w HPS

    Also, plant1 isnt even droopy anymore, once i got the two other cfl's on them they just leaped in growing. They've been out of the soil for about 6-7 days now, and theyre about 4 inches tall! They're growing very fast.

  8. HIGH All, I've read this about 10 times....could you enlighten me as to what you mean?

    Soil with time release ferts aren't the best medium for young seeders such as yours....just letting you know.
  9. Here are some more pictures, vegging 7 days so far

    There is another picture of more seeds germinating

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  10. Vegging for 12 days now. FINALLY got a EconoWatt 400w HPS from insidesun.com!!! My girlfriends mom is paying for it. SUPER score! It should be here in a few days, but the cfls are really doing a good job.

    Plant 1+2 are lookin good, vegging for 12.

    The other 3 small ones veging for 1 day.

    Also scored a air purifyer and some filters for free!

    I think this grow is commin along just great

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  11. Here are some more overall shots of the grow room. I think its coming along nicely!

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  12. If I have 2 box fans in this 2.5x8ft closet at either end, is taht enuf for ventilation?
  13. hi mate, yeah just one thing to remember when mounting ya fans, get one venting as high possible to vent hot air and one low down to push fresh cold air from outside! thats an ideal setup though! just an exhaust fan high up will do with a hole some where to suck cold fresh air in.
    Thats how mine is:D.
  14. get them out of that miracle grow soil. I used the same exact soil for my grow and it burned 2 of my plants luckily the other two were still small enough to be transplanted
  15. Okay, as to everyone's advice I took them out of the pure Miracle Gro, but put them in a 3:1 mix of normal soil and the miracle grow. I also transplanted the two biggest ones into bigger pots. Here are a few pix

    ... and a picture of a REALLY fat guy on a motorcyle this morning ... kinda funny ...

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  16. Lookin' good 1r0n1ungs. :cool:

    You're a day ahead of me. Ill be keeping an eye on your grow.

    Keep updating. :bongin:
  17. Thanks Cronaholic!

    Time for an update!

    I finally recieved my 400w HPS from www.insidesun.com. I'm happy with the service except for one thing, the ballast is different than pictured in their website, my ballast looks like a differential for a car! :smoking:

    So, I chopped down my 3x 40w cfls for now, and i put up the HPS. SHIT! The temperature went to over 97 degrees with the closet closed. So I worked for hours trying to figure a way out not to fukk my plants up cuz they were already starting to get droopy. I had to bust out this neato air conditioning thing during the night when the closet door is cold. It keeps it about 85. When the doors are open we have the windows open to vent. That solved that problem, for now. Im still worried for the flowering stage cuz im not trying to have the windows open during flowering. Anyway...

    I also got 4 more babies sprouted up, they're just schwagg but I dont really care, Im not gonna order seeds for my first grow, maybe in a few months! Those seem to be doing well.

    Also, question for you all... How far away should I put my HPS light? Its about 1.5 feet away from my plants now with a fan blowin air on the bulb to keep heat down.

    Also, anyone have any ideas for cooling my grow room down with the doors closed?

    These pix are 19 days flowering on the big ones, and about 4 days on the otehrs

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  18. Best thing for cooling.

    Run your lights at night.

    When I am flowering my lights are ON from 6pm-6am.

    Right now running 18/6 they are OFF from 10am-4pm. The hottest part of the day right now.
  19. they're growing so fast! Ill have pics in a few more days cuz i wanna show you huge growth!

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