1PCS Mars Reflector 192 Led Grow Light in 4x4

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  1. Hello I want to know if this light is good enough for a 4x4 tent for 4 autos
    1PCS Mars Reflector 192 Led Grow Light
  2. Hello, I'm Sara from Mars Hydro, the true watt of reflector 192 is about 410w, the coverage is 4'x4'.
    If you want put one reflector 192 in your 4'x4' grow tent, I will recommend add some supplemental lighting, usually 30-50w/sq ft is better for your plants get enough light.
    If you are not tight budget, you can check our Mars Pro II 320. The coverage is also 4'x4', but the true watt is about 710w.
    Mars , Led grow light , Mars Hydro
    you can also check our blog, that will help you know more about the Mars Pro II 320
    Mars , Led grow light , Mars Hydro
  3. Hello thanks for reply, I only want to grow about 3-4 plants for the time being will that enough on its own?
  4. What about if I got two Mars hydro 600 would that be enough light
  5. so you only grow 3-4 plants right? the reflector 192 is suitable, you can pick one reflector 192.
  6. That's great thanks very much do you have a discount code for eBay purchases?
  7. Oh sorry we don't have discount code for eBay purchase, you can place your order on our official website, we have discount code "marshydro" for official website purchase. Our website price is cheaper than eBay for we don't need to pay the service fee.
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    It's ok Sara... Apollo sent me a box that said "no shorp objects" ;)

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