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1oz of Durban Poison *High Quality Macro's* *DANKNESS*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by HomerK, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. This stuff is super fire. It smells like Cap'n Crunch fruity pebbles and tastes like candy. The beans were G13 Labs Durban Poison feminized. My gf, homies and I rolled up a 5g blunt in a Juicy Strawberry Banana wrap and I was cross-eyed by the time it was money. I had almost 60g last night and am almost down to 28 today lol. :smoking:

    Enjoy the pics!

    Attached Files:

  2. tentacle trichomes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. really? you smoked 32 grams in 1 nite?
  4. you smoked 32 grams in one night??? lol
  5. Sounds like your friends jacked some from you... Unless you guys really did smoke that much.
  6. 32 grams is..... two ounces!?
  7. wow... looks like my durban poison... but if it was really my durban poison... smoking 3 grams by myself would literally be poison... if there was one weed i could OD on... it would be my durban poison.
  8. he probably sold some haha
  9. maybe he has a "business" which in result now hes missing 32g
  10. Lol... 1.1428 ounces.
  11. No....

    It's one ounce and four grams..... :hello:

  12. Seasoned smoker FTW
  13. [SIZE=+1]32 grams = 1.12876678 ounces :hello:[/SIZE]

    I love google haha
  14. that looks bomb, but really? 32 grams in a night? i would of savored that shit. or atleast kieffed the weed before it went in the blunt

    either way, not raggin on your smoking habits, congrats for such a dank pick up!
  15. he probably smoked people out and gave some away:D
  16. nice shit, i cant find g13 durban P, was it an autoflower?
  17. THat DP stuff looks absolutely amazing dude. I would love to smoke a blunt of that.

  18. shit looks fire man. Nver yet to have DP. or that i know of. +Rep.
  19. Nope. Just a feminized seed. Got it for free from Attitude.

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