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  1. How hard is it to grow 1lb plants outdoors? I would really long to pull 1lb plants and it's a goal for me ..

    Minus strains, nutes, envorment, etc ... let's just say it's a random strain and it was grown with no real issues...

    What does a 1lb plant look like? Anyone got pics ?
    Long long did you veg it?
    What techniques did you use to grow it? Lst top fim scrog?
  2. There are ton of variables to this open ended question. You need to figure out your sun schedule so you have enough veg time to get her big enough to support that. Sun, soil, water

    I always thought it would be cool to do an outdoor scrog could you imagine the net size

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  3. Yes I understand all the variables factor in ... but let's just say every thing goes well.

    I veg indoors and flower outside. Well that is the plan....

    I have room to grow veg 3-4 foot plants... they are flowered outside so I don't really have a height limit ..

    Does any one have a pic of a 1lb plant that you grew?

    It's just a goal of mine to pull a pound off one plant. If no one knows that's OK I will eventually find out how hard or easy it is to get a 1lb plant.
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  4. How long of a veg do you guys think a 1lb plant will take?
  5. How long of an indoor veg to flower 1 lb plant out door
  6. Sorry I'm in wonderful southern California
  7. Then a pound per plant is going to be a LOT harder to get.

    Pretty much no matter when you put it outside... it will flower quickly because our long days are 18+ hours to veg. Yours are only 14 hour veg days... and less of them

    210 watt perpetual box
  8. Sounds like a challenge...
  9. So if I'm near LA, the time to put my plant out to flower is now?

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  10. Now or next week will get you enough time to possibly harvest by June 1.

    June-July maybe August is the only time to actually veg your plant outdoor. So if you set your plants out to late in May it could start revegging in June

    This all what I have been researching
  11. Ok if you want a one pound plant grown outdoors, just flowering it outside isn't going to do it.
    If you put your plants out now whats going to happen is they will start to flower, then as the days are getting longer the plant will re-veg. By mid April you'll be "what happened to my buds?"

    To get a pound outside off one plant, start your plants inside now. Keep them under 18/6 light schedule. Around mid June harden them off by putting them outside for a few hours a day, increasing the time outside for a week or so until they are happy outside all night and day.

    Transplant into containers (SmartPots, raised beds or whatever) or plant them into a well amended garden bed. The root zone is what is going to determine your yield so bigger is better. The plants will grow until the end of July when you will see the first signs of flowering. Plants will flower from late summer through October and even into December depending on strain. Harvest will usually be any time between the end of September through December. To get a pound off one plant, a minimum of 20 gallon pot and a full growing season is what you need.
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  12. Mr fooey thank you again.

    Well fuck I'm way ahead of you then. I planted seeds Feb 6. And I already planned to have them out in June. So these plants will be almost 6 months old before they flower. (Veg Feb, March, April, may, june, July )

    I'm topping them slot becuz I don't want them to be to tall.. I want to top them once a month till flower. Should be looking nice
  13. The only way to limit height on outdoor plants is to limit their root zone. 6 month veg could end up with 14 foot monsters. But what a yield.

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  14. Topping increases girth, and slows vertical growth a little.

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  15. Lol. Fuck it....

    Well this situation will only be for my first grow. I didn't research enough and planted them in excitement. But it's OK I will deal with it.

    But after this first grow the size of my plants will be much smaller. I'm trying to get plant rotation going. Veg indoor flower out side. So about a 3 month rotation vs a 6 month roto haha

    Let's say I do make their root bed smaller to control plant size.. will it hurt the plant? I know the plant will be smaller and the yield less but I just want to make sure it's not going to damage the plant
  16. Are you planning on planting in the ground or containers? 5 gallon pots= about 6 oz for me depending on strain. The problem that i run into with smaller pots is heat stress in the root zone. SmartPots are cool because they breath and naturally keep the roots "air pruned". Air pruning keeps the roots healthy by promoting new root growth, so you can get a nice yield off a smaller plant.
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