1lb of weed + 1 lb of kief or a night with a model/celebrity

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  1. the title pretty much says it all. i thought it would be interesting to start a discussion about what you would have to be offered in terms of bud to turn down a night with a model/celebrity (who would be down to bone, of course). since i am an equal opportunity employer, all the lovely ladies who would like to participate can use a male model or celebrity of their choice.

    pick an option and justify your choice if you so choose...also, feel free to say who you would pick over the weed option if that's the option you go with.

    option 1:
    -1 pound of the finest weed money can buy (purple haze, sour diesel, mango kush...)
    -1 pound of compressed kief

    option 2:
    -1 night with a smokin model (hurtin for a squirtin).
  2. 1lb of weed
  3. Haha i gotta say i'm tempted by the night with the celebrity, id definitely like to have my way with some of those celebrities.

    But come on, once the night's over, you got nothin, that 1 IB of weed and kief is gonna last me years and years and years.

    I'd definitely take the weed/kief.
  4. Holy shit this isn't even hard for me man.

    Weed over some model/celeb any fucking day of the week.
  5. yeah Id choose 1 lb of weed for sure, save me a lot of money, and Id be smokin on that for a while.
  6. weed and keif. just because is one night of sex worth missing out on alot of fun + alot of money (if you sell)? not to me
  7. yup. that's pretty much my stance on the issue. it'd be like a one time thing vs. getting an awesome, free gift that would get me and my buddies ripped for a longgggg time.
  8. weed definatley. fuck hollywood
  9. we can up the stakes if you want. would 1 month with the celebrity/model change which option you'd choose??
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    One night with Megan Fox.

    ..I would drag my dick through a mile of broken glass, just to hear her fart through a walkie talkie.
  11. there we go. i like it. gotta respect your choice on the girl and the will power to turn down the chron for some crazy sex.
  12. It'd be Jessica Alba for me, and i think a week of her would be the least amount of sex that would trump that much weed.

    Just think about that pound of KEIF.
  13. I think i might go for the crazy sex option then.

    I mean, its totally different when its a month, i'd be in fucking heaven for a month, thats an oppurtunity i'm not gonna get again, and thats worth more than the 6-8 grand worth of weed that the bud/kief option gives IMO.

    Not sure who plays her, but if anyone's ever seen the show Bones, i'd choose that dark skinned chick, Angela or something.

  14. she has herpes. nice choice.
  15. The pound of weed and the pound of kief would help attract plenty of stoner chicks.

    And when you find a good stoner chick, who needs a celebrity?
  16. wwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddd
  17. lb of bud and lb of keif def

    fuck celebrities
  18. Idk I'd probably take the night with the celebrity
  19. weed and kief

  20. I would go with the weed


    Angelina Jolie is beyond hot and wouldn't be able to say no :D

    I envy Brad Pitt every fuckin day

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