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Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by babroch, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Hi all,
    anyone know what is the estimated price for 1kg of good marihuana in Netherlands ??

    thx for all answers and help ;)
  2. Did some research and couldn't really find an answer, i know what a key costs around £3500 in england, and the price in amsterdam isn't a great deal cheaper. But wherever you go, it will get cheaper as you get nearer the source, and the source is Morrocco.

    Also, the shops can only legally have 500 grams on their premises, so in order to buy keys you need to get friendly with the owner until he lets you into the 'back door' business. Had a mate who did this once, the owner of the shop led him upstairs where he could buy any amounts of bud.

    Good luck whatever your planning haha
  3. im fairly sure you arn't allowed to buy more than 5 grams at once, so you would have to know some people. But if your staying in holland its not like you need to buy in bulk.
  4. And if you bring some home, you'll get busted for sure! Unless you live in germany or denmark..
  5. I flew out of Amsterdam and they had barking dogs in the airport. It actually sounded like a recording but I wouldn't try flying out with anything.:eek:

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