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1g to use at a concert tonight- how to spread the doses?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xenith, May 15, 2010.

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  1. Hey all, just wondering what you would do in my situation. I'm going to a show tonight (but matching isn't possible as the buddies I'm going with don't smoke) and I have like 1g of my finest saved up. Here are my tools:

    Mini bong
    Magic Flight Launch Box

    I was thinking of having like 3 trenches ready to go for the box (should come out to like .3 each trench) and just vape throughout the whole thing, but I'm just curious what other blades would do.
  2. Doesn't belong in Seasoned Tokers...

  3. ^^lol^^

    i would roll like 3 joints or pack bowls in the spoon
  4. i would randomly blaze out of a bowl, joint, or one hitter whenever the funk i feel like it
    and bless everyone around me with the pungy punge of some killer chron fresh out of my lungs
    and alla dat
    no but seriously, find the most gorgeous chick you can find,(before you smoke) and start making small talk with her
    until she's comfortable enough to smoke that G with you

    that would be the best thing to do in my opinion
    fuck all that hiding behind the curtains and sneaking into bathrooms to sneak a hit
    nah fuck that

    don't smoke the shit if you can't do it around everybody without feeling sketchy
    and don't smoke it by yourself

    just my 2 cents
  5. i'd buy more weed
  6. "Doses" is for acid.

    Just smoke it.
  7. I usually just roll joints, smoke bowls, or do actual blades.
  8. The fact that you saved up a whole gram means this thread belongs in Apprentice section. End of thread.
  9. Ouch, so what's the minimum amount of weed I have to have to be seasoned?

  10. When you don't ask questions like that.
  11. go to the store, buy a cigar, take out the tabaco and replace it with your finest. Then proceed to smoke it to your face, if its really your finest, you'll be good. This isnt really a question for seasoned tokers because if you were truely seasoned this wouldnt be a problem;)

  12. I was posting in response to TGIF, who said that I don't have enough weed to be posting in this section.
  13. dude I'd just pack it with some tobacco in 2 separate j's and yeah, as said named person before me said... find a chick and blaze up
    tobacco could vaguely cover the smoke, depending on what you are burnin'
  14. I'd prob bring 3 small joints or 2 medium one and a third with some tobacco in it. leave the ape/bong/spoon at home as it might just be something to worry about, with j's its easy to hide, carry and isn't to sketch when in public.
  15. Smoke it all, or match someone 3-4 bowls?
    Once you come down depending on your tolerence look for someone thats willing to share some love. :Smoke:
  16. Don't listen to everyone above. This question is so simple. You get a 5th of Whiskey, chug that bastard before you into the concert. Get fucking stupid, then when you wake up next morning, smoke .5 out of the spoon, then around 3 or so go to the store grab a swisher(strawberry) than roll you up a .5 blunt take it to the dome and continue with your day.
  17. That's not what he was saying.

    He was saying since you seem new to smoking, this should be in the Apprentice section...

    Meaning a seasoned toker:

    1) Wouldn't have only 1 gram "saved up"
    2) Wouldn't consider it "doses"
    3) Wouldn't ask other people how he should smoke his weed.
  18. If you're going to a concert you have to go with the old fashion joint... normally i would say bubbler or bong but i mean cmon... concert= joint time :hello:
  19. #19 chubba, May 15, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 15, 2010
  20. except most venues don't allow outside food and its kind of hard to hide a sandwich ;)
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