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  1. If enyone know how to make a 1bud plant(indoor)->HELP!!!
    And i wont to know what is the fastest way.
  2. HighGirly420: I'm glad that the City will never run out of smartasses. ;)

    BuG: Why would you want to have a plant with one bud? Unless you're talking about one semi-large bud, then you'd be referring to a certain strain called "Lowryder." I prefer to call it crap, but to each their own.

    I personally believe it makes more sense to have a nice, bushy plant with a large volume of buds and be guaranteed good genetics instead of a new strain that has such dominant ruderalis traits.

  3. Hey, I'm all for seein your smart ass, Girly. ;)

    As for the wicca, it's quite an interesting religion, I'll give it that. In the community, there's never a dull day. Parties are, of course, mandatory, but that goes without saying.

  4. if your look'n for a small plant that will guve you just enuff, then use a smaller pot for your pot, and harvest at what ever height you want

  5. Eh, that doesn't seem to be the most effective method, in my opinion. The fact that you would most likely harvest earlier to get less bud would also incorporate the factor of the buds being far too immature for harvesting, and the cannabanoid numbers nowhere near what they would be at given sufficient time.

  6. I want small plant because now my plants are in WARDROBE and i think that this is the fastest way.I'm from Bulgaria and hire the electricity...YOU KNOW MONEYyyy.10x for HELPing but thats a simple you got i want som realy new divaices I'm growing about 4 years and wondering if you can do some realy good job but there good ideas 10x again
  7. For keeping a shorter profile, do a search on Grasscity for "SCRoG." SCRoG stands for Screen of Green, in which the vertical growth of the plant is limited by chicken wire placed above the plants. Weaving the growing tips through the chicken wire will allow for maximum yield with minimum space taken up.


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