19th Birthday

Discussion in 'General' started by xxkmanxx, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. it's my birthday today! im 19, 2 more years and i can drink legally, doesnt stop me from drinking anyway, but im just saying :) probelly gonna get some weed from my friend friday or something. It's all good.........peace
  2. happy b-day! :)
  3. thanks man, yo my bro is giving me an 1/8 for my brithday :) fo free! i love him
  4. Nice, happy birthday man.

    Too bad you dont live in Canada, 19 is legal age where I am.
  5. Go to Canada. In Ontario and British Columbia 19 is the legal drinking age. In Quebec it's 18.

    Our weed is better too.
  6. nice, i was wondering i thought i heard somewhere that weed is legal somewhere in Canada, jus wondering if thats true.
  7. It's not legal, but the penalties are way less than the States. Like if you get caught by the cops, most likely they will just confiscate the weed, no charges or anything.

    My friends have been caught numerous times, cop always just took it away.
  8. Happy birthday. Enjoy 19 while you can in a blink itll be gone and youll no longer be a teen. :)
  9. It might as well be. I've been caught blazing on kits beach, the cop came up to us and say "You do know marajuana is illegal right?" we said "yeah". He replied "as long as you know" and walked away.

  10. lol thats funny as hell
  11. Cops are like dogs. You can't show fear.
  12. Happy Late Birthday!!!!!

    Hope you had a great one.

    Blocko...you're dead on...if you show fear, they've got ya! NO FEAR!

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