1995 Heart Transplant, 17 yrs of Immunosuppressants drugs

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  1. The Immunosuppressant drugs have kept me alive 17, years. I have only smoked THC/Pot 10 tmes when I was a teenager, Im 47 now but I have terrible joint pain because of Drugs to keep me alive and the nasty one for 8 years, Prednisone. Deteriorated my joints. I have pain that my MN Dr.'s say they don't know how to handle since I'm a heart Transplant.
    Is this a possible solution to my pain VS Vicodin?? My Dr's don't prescribe anything to me since 2003.

    Will marijuana help me? I'm 47 now!
    I will take a pill and don't even want to smoke.
    Someone please reply. I'm in MN and have all UofM Docs of my transplant in 1995. Can I see a Dr. in CA?? and if this works 'med wise' can I fly back home ot am I just stuck here in MN.

  2. Vape the weed Or eat it in an edible if it makes you feel good then keep at it

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